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Sun Lee fails to make it to Miss Universe Top 15

Eliminated: Sun Lee didn't get into the Top 15

Lee Ji-sun/ Sun Lee did not walk away with the 2008 Miss Universe title this year, nor did she get a chance at a "runner-up" position like her predecessor Honey Lee since the 25-year-old didn't even make it into the Top 15.

The only Asian beauties represented in the Top 15 were Miss Japan Hiroko Mima and Miss Vietnam Lam Thuy Nguyen.

However, both girls got the boot as well when the Top 10 were announced.

In a repeat of (funny) events, Miss USA Crystle Stewart took a tumble during the evening gown competition!

Last year during the 2007 Miss Universe contest in Mexico City, Miss USA Rachel Smith also tripped and fell during the evening gown competition.

Clumsy ladies?: Miss USAs Crystle Stewart (left) and
Rachel Smith both fell during the Miss Universe competitions.

And now on to the winner.

Sun Lee's coach Ines Ligron was spot on with her prediction. The Miss Universe 2008 title (and diamante tiara) went to...Ao Dai competition winner and clear favourite, 22-year-old Miss Venezuela Dayana Mendoza.


Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza

Miss Universe 2008: Dayana Mendoza, Miss Venezuela (left)
is held by Riyo Mori, Miss Universe 2007. - Photo: AP

Surprised: Dayana Mendoza reacts after being
crowned Miss Universe 2008. - AP Photo/Vincent Yu

Here are the runner-up results:

1st runner-up: Miss Colombia
2nd runner-up: Miss Dominican Republic
3rd runner-up: Miss Russia
4th runner-up: Miss Mexico

Sun Lee rocks evening gown presentation
Sun Lee down with food poisoning
Miss Korea-Universe Sun Lee and the swimsuit competition
Sun Lee in Nha Trang parade
Sun Lee @ the 2008 Miss Universe pageant
Sun Lee's a Korean Warrior for 2008 Miss Universe pageant


Anonymous said...

It's obviously a rigged competition. Miss Japan and Miss Vietnam was in as tokens. Miss Japan because last year's winner was Miss Riyo Mori and Miss Vietnam because it's the host country.

Anonymous said...

^ hahaha.. my thoughts are the same..

anyway, what happened to Miss USA (this year and last year) is quite symbolic of what is happening to the US right now..

Photomofo said...

I lost interest when the top 15 was announced and my personal favs didn't make it.... (India and Sri Lanka)

I watched the Korean movie "Monopoly" instead.

good movie


Anonymous said...

I thought Sri Lanka was just gorgeous. Since she didn't make it to top 15, I started rooting for Colombia. She almost made it.

Miss Japan was the worst I've ever seen. She looked like a porn actress. Really terrible. I thought Russia was horrible also. I kind of liked Kosovo and was rooting for her after Colombia. I really didn't like Miss Korea.

Anonymous said...

The Top 15 was so unexpected for me this year. I thought Thailand and Korea would make the Top 15, then only Thailand would make the Top 10, then the Top 5 pretty much all S.Am and USA (which it was).

But Miss Japan? I loved the last 2 years of Miss Japan but this year it was shock to see her make it this year. There were much stronger Asian candidates. Nonetheless, Vietnam and Japan were clearly token candidates. And also, I can't BELIEVE India didn't place at all. As for USA placing even higher than last year after falling during the evening gown - that's proof that Miss USA can do anything they want and still be a guaranteed Top 15 (or even Top 5) shoo-in. Too bad judges every year are preoccupied with always backing the USA or sucking up to the USA. I have no problems with the winner though, Miss Venezuela was lovely.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? The Miss USA from last night did not place Top 5. After her fall, that was it. Also, last year the Miss USA who fell was laughed at by the Mexicans (who hate the US). The behvaior of the Mexican audience was atrocious. Never in the history of pageants was there such behavior from an auidence. No doubt the judges let her keep going as a consolation for being treated so hideously.

As for last night's Miss USA she fell because she missed a step. If you look at the tape, you can see where she steps and where she lands. She wasn't paying attention to where she was going and she missed the step that was in front of her. Everyone is saying it was the dress and heels but it wasn't.

Miss Korea never stood a chance. I know this is a Korea-related blog, and I love Korea too, but the fact is Sun Lee had no magnetism, no charm, and I believe the obvious plastic surgery on her face didn't help endear her to judges. Other contestants looked plastic, too and they didn't make it to the top 10 or 5.

Anonymous said...

Miss Japan looked like a total porn wh*re. She really did. She wasn't the only one, either.

Hazel said...

I was hoping Columbia and Korea would win, but I guess not.. :\ I seriously laughed when Miss USA fell. I just couldn't help it!

Anonymous said...

I was actually rooting for miss Colombia who was runner-up! But I'm not too surprised....the top 5 always includes miss Venezuela or any of the latinas from South America! I think they should have more professional judges rather than celebrity judges since this IS Miss Universe! So I have no respect for this pageant at all!

Anonymous said...

I loved Ryo Mori's feminine tuxedo..for some reason..with her swagger and confidence, it was so much more sexy than the gals wearing dresses. I wonder if anyone would be in a fit because she didn't wear traditional gown. But for some reason, she seems more and more like her French mentor/coach (I don't remember her name...but her make-up, hair and outfit reminded me so much of what that French coach would wear herself). As for Miss USA..I guess the fall affects points, but her gown was so not impressive especially after seeing the bright dresses (full of movement) of Venezuela and Columbia before her. Of course the Latin gals would be in top 15...pageants are like a religion and market especially plastic-surgery Venezuela.

Jennifersinha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jennifersinha said...

i'm venezuelan, and 'im so happy with our winner!!! after 12 years, it was the time!!1


Anonymous said...

i totally thought Miss Columbia should've won. She was hands down the prettiest of the bunch of semi- and finalist.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous #5
I was thinking of last year's Miss USA who fell and still made the Top 5. This year Miss USA nonetheless made the Top 10. Satisfied now?

I don't particularly like Korea at all - I was leaning for Thailand (who also didn't make the cut :P). However, considering Asia as a whole, and considering how MU always squeezes in 1-2 token Asians to maintain the modicum of "diversity" - I thought Korea had a shot over other Asian candidates. Ines (trainer of Japan/Korea) herself said Miss Japan was not "motived to win this year" and Korea had a better chance (and who she considered the strongest Asian candidate for whatever reason). I hardly disliked Miss Japan this year also, but I thought her lack of drive showed....hence my surprise when she made the Top 15.

Liz said...

I saw the part where Miss USA Crystle Stewart fell on CNN yesterday. She was such a sport, actually. She got up and clapped! Ha ha ha, what a graceful recovery.

Anonymous said...

Actually, here in the US her clapping has caused people to make fun of her more. If she had just fallen people would have felt sorry for her, but the fact that she inexplicably jumped up and applauded herself, it makes people laugh at her. Most of the jokes the whole day were about how ridiculous she looked clapping, not because she fell.

Tyler said...

Murphy's Law kicked in big time for Miss USA, huh? I bet she was going "mustn't fall, mustn't fall" and wham..."why am I on my butt right now???". Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous who made this comment "Too bad judges every year are preoccupied with always backing the USA or sucking up to the USA"

Totally off topic but I was reminded of some fan circles (Energizer Bunny's is one) where certain fans from another region suck up to the USA.

The winner is lovely but I do not understand her winning answer. Can someone enlighten?

Anonymous said...

"Too bad judges every year are preoccupied with always backing the USA or sucking up to the USA"

Fine, let me modify that since I suppose I wrote that it a heat of annoyance. I don't think judges may not really try to suck up to the USA but I think it is very true the USA is always backed by the panel or judges in nearly every occasion.

There is hardly a single year the US is left out of the Top 15 though this is probably not intentional. It is simply the fact that MU is based in - oh what a coincidence - New York and often is comprised of primarily Westerners who have Western ideals of beauty. Also, THE ideal of beauty tends be Western and judges, no matter what their race or nationality, likely bases their decisions off of those "universal" ideals.

Q:" Do you believe men or women have it easier in life, and why?"

A:"Um, well actually God made us to share and to have difference, but big difference between women and men, doesn't matter whether kind of life they live, is that men think, that they think that the faster way to go to a point is go straight. Women know that the faster way to go to a point is go to the curve and fix in every curves."

First, I think she's basically saying (in a very convoluted way) that men and women have different ways of solving problems and are thus meant to work together to...solve problems ^^

Men in sense, are very straight forward and quick but not very thorough when dealing with problems. Women on the other hand, like to do things thoroughly though it may be extra work and be more roundabout. She also says that the women's way of thoroughness is better although it may be more work.

Overall, I think she is saying women have it harder due to their tendency to thoroughly deal with problems.

Anonymous said...

Tangent: Last time I checked fan clubs were the ones CAUSING trouble when getting along with Americans. Considering your allusion to Bi, well, his fan clubs loud denouncements of S.Colbert's parody were the OPPOSITE of sucking up to the US (if anything, they should've been thanking him for the exposure). Also, the mood of average Korean citizens has been more anti-American than anything (I'm sure the word "beef" will ring a bell).

However, if you meant how Korea's government is currently quite preoccupied with improving diplomatic ties with the USA - then you're quite right. Korea is indeed among those who'd rather not be on USA's bad side.

Anonymous said...

"Murphy's Law kicked in big time for Miss USA, huh? I bet she was going "mustn't fall, mustn't fall" and wham..."why am I on my butt right now???". Ha ha.

@ tyler

Actually, you are not far off the mark. In an interview before the pageant she was asked about 2007's Miss USA falling, and she was quoted as saying she wasn't worried about anything like that and that she "couldn't imagine" something like that happening to her. Seriously, she must have been sooooooooo shocked when it did happen. I personally believe that's why she jumped up and started clapping. I think it was a shocked reaction, like her mind was racing with what to do next in those split seconds when she fell. After she was trying to finish her evening gown walk-about you could just see the total frustration on her face.

Anonymous said...

"but I think it is very true the USA is always backed by the panel or judges in nearly every occasion."

I think it's b/c the USA owns and runs this pageant. There may be some "special treatment" there. But it's been a looooooooooooooong time since Miss USA won. Actually, the country with the most wins is Puerto Rico, I think.

Anonymous said...



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