Monday, 18 August 2008

Brian Joo to perform in New York

Yo K-popped! friends in the Big Apple, what are you doing on Aug 31?

If you answered "watch paint dry", then let me tell you about a Kpop event that might interest you.

Flying solo: Brian Joo will be going solo for
his performance in NY

Brian Joo - 1/2 of the Fly to the Sky duo - will be performing at Club Duvet in New York City on Aug 31. I wonder what language he's going to sing in...and what songs? If you are going for the event, do tell us what went on, OK?

Anyhoo, you must be age 21 and above to enter the club.

Details below:

Day/ Date: Sunday/ August 31, 2008 (Malaysia celebrates our 51st year of independence! Yay!)
Venue: Duvet Nightclub @ 45 West 21 Street, New York, NY 10002 - between 5th and 6th Avenues (Don't ask K-popped! for directions because we are as lost as you)
Age restriction: 21 and above (Hey you over there, put away the fake ID, ya hear?)
Dress code: Upscale attire - No exceptions! (Wah, so classy one ah?)
DJ: Chi nen and EML a.k.a. Big Mike (Uh, huh yeah OK. Same to you.)
Music: Hip-hop/ throwback/ modern (Darn, I was looking forward to polka music!)
Guestlist pricing: No guestlist for the event; only regular-priced door admission and limited discounted advance tickets (If you're certain you're going, go for the discount - it's 50% off! :-P)
Advance tickets: US$20 advance tickets, tickets will go up to US$40 at the door; limited to only 300 (Quite a bargain, ain't it?)
Buy those advance tickets:
1. Call: 914.396.3007 or 646-895-2525
2. E-mail:

Have fun and please ask Brian if he has any plans to come over to Malaysia in the near future. Thanks :-P.

Source & Pic credit: K-popped! reader Elsa R


Orchid said...

What is "upscale attire"? I've heard of semi-formal, casual, smart casual, formal, black-tie...but this is the first time i've heard of "upscale".

Anonymous said...

why is it August 31 with "th". Isn't it 31st?

Liz said...

Hey yeah, you have a point there anonymous :-). Someone alert the graphic artist who made the poster!

daisyj said...

No hwanhee?

miss_tree said...

it'd be AWESOME if Fly To The Sky comes here to malaysia, right?!!
their songs are always in my playlist..

Anonymous said...

OMG! I'd give anything to see Brian Joo perform! He's such a hottie! It's too bad I'm a poor college student in Wisconsin...if only....

Anne Bonny said...

Upscale basically means club attire but guys shouldn't wear sneakers or boots. Girls shouldn't really wear jeans either though I'm sure its not strictly enforced.

PS - I live in NYC, so maybe I'll go if I can find a friend to drag with me...

Clammy said...

Plus a lot of places will say guys can't wear jeans but that's almost never enforced as long as it's dark jeans with a nice shirt etc. The shoe rule, however, usually stands. All rules can get thrown out the window if you have a ridiculous hot girl to guy ratio and are buying tables.

Orchid said...

@anne bonny and clammy (btw long time no hear) Thanks for clearing that up.

But boots with dark jeans and a nice fitted shirt is nice for guys.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could go to see him so much.


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