Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Byul films Bikini MV in Malaysia

Does this singer love Malaysia or what?

First, we saw her in a lacklustre photoshoot in our country, and now her latest MV is lensed in - you guessed it - Malaysia.

The track Bikini is from her recently-released single Like a Star.

Too bright: The Star puts on shades to shield
her eyes from the glare of fame :-P

Maybe the 25-year-old Kpop singer did a "kill two birds with one stone" thing during her visit here in May 2008?

Byul, which literally means "Star" in Korean and whose real name is Kim Go-eun, is seen chilling out with her group of friends at familiar landmarks around KL.

Below are the places I spotted while viewing the MV:
  1. KLIA - the Kuala Lumpur International Airport
  2. Petronas Twin Towers - once the tallest buildings in the world, it has now been surpassed by Taipei 101
  3. Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad - well-known for its Moorish appearance, currently houses the Supreme and High Courts
  4. Kuala Lumpur Railway Station - also known as the Old Railway Station among locals. It used to be a busy hub but its pretty quiet these days.
  5. Petaling Street - the Chinatown of Kuala Lumpur. Make sure you sharpen those bargaining skills...and try not to look like a tourist :-P.
  6. Pavilion KL - New shopping complex opened in Sept 2007. Upscale shops there, things are pretty expensive
I can't tell whether the 25-year-old singer is frolicking on a Malaysian beach. Could it be in Langkawi? Maybe you'll know. Please watch the MV below:

Source: K-popped! reader Audrey Ghling

Byul in Malaysia
Byul's precious pink wallet from Rain


Orchid said...

Thanks for the tip Audrey and jajaja, sometimes Korean stars come to our very own backyard and we don't know about it. Too busy looking overseas...

Another instance was when Kwon Sang Woo was in Malaysia and we didn't know about it!

비비안 said...

hehe... i think the beach is from Langkawi....

Arrggg.. why alway KL jek... Penang also got nice place to shot mv leh... come to Penang la

Orchid shi.. thanks for the info.. Audrey did tell me...i just ignore it... lolx

chrystal said...

ooh? filmed in malaysia? well that's good for our country! hopefully she loves malaysia more than i do! hahaha.

Shira said...

ah~nice song..i like it.. i hope she can come to penang next time ;)

varms said...

We have fab beaches in Sabah too! But I think its probably Langkawi... But if I saw her passing by, I don't think I'd recognize her...

noV said...

she's not even wearing a bikini... *sigh*

|| Lyññ || said...

Cool... filming in Malaysia... ^^
I know where she filmed the beach scene... Tnajung Rhu!! It was in the Four Seasons Langkawi... I recognise the islands in the background... hehe... It's a private beach so it would have been easier to film it there...


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