Friday, 22 August 2008

East of Eden Press Conference

The cast of MBC drama East of Eden appeared for a press conference, three days before the drama's debut. Everyone looked happy and in good spirits.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThe women of Eden - Han Ji-hye's lovely side profile,
Lee Da-hae (center) and Lee Yeon-hee

If you are like me, you are probably wondering which of these beautiful ladies will play the lead. Each of them have played the lead role in dramas or movies. Who will end up with handsome Song Seung Hun? Han Ji-hye? Lee Yeon-hee or Lee Da-hae?

From their standing positions, i think you can guess
who gets the lead.
Sandwiched between Song Seung Hun
Yun Jung Hoon is none other than Lee Da-hae.

All smiles now, but see if they are still smiling
after filming a gruelling 50-episodes!

Image Hosted by
Male leads, Yun Jung Hoon and Song Seung Hun

Image Hosted by
Jung Hoon looks bored as the girls yak away

The press conference was held outdoors at the
East of Eden studio in Gyeongsang province

Lee Yeon-hee and Han Ji-hye photographed before the event

Pics credit: Newsen, MyDaily



alchocoholic said...

I love lee da-hae and I'm guessing she's the female lead in EoE but I really wish it was han ji-hye instead! She's adorable and I think she deserves it just as much after watching her on My little bride and Likable or Not. I will seriously scream if hjh turns out to be the antagonist who ends up alone, sick, dead or anything like that.

Anyway, I'm bummed out we malaysians won't get to watch this on astro since it's MBC :( Guess we either have to download all 50 episodes(!) or wait for the DVD which will probably reach our shores by oh, august 2009! :P

nyssnisacha said...

correct me if i'm wrong, but i think han ji hye is going to play yun jung hoon's love interest...cos i saw the east of eden ost mv by sg wannabe n kim jong kook n well, you can pretty guess the storyline here..all i can say from the preview is that, it's pretty intense..

@alchocoholic, yup, i agree with you..we'll be old when the dvd reach our stores...i'm still waiting for when it's at night dvd, i'll die waiting it to be subbed..but i understand fansubbers have their life too other than subbing..

hanang. said...

i love ur blog!!
keep it upp
its awesomee =))

TanyaThao said...

I read somewhere that Han Ji Hye & Lee Yeon Hee are the female leads (2 males, 2 females) while Lee Da Hee plays the supporting female.

Arin said...

Yeah, it's obvious that Lee Da Hae is the main actress..
but seriously, i want Lee Yeon Hee to end up with Seung Hoon after watching the Love Song 2008 MV.

Anonymous said...

Lee Da Hae is the lead actress.

me said...

i actually really wish for han ji hye as the lead actress too!! i like her since sweet18 and love her after watching her latest drama(exactly before east of eden): likable or not. that 170+ episodes drama really grow in me and she did an excellent job. her characters really live. and yeah, she's lovable and adorable. <3

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

East of Eden English Subtitle Episode 9 has been completed
and Episode 10(row) has been uploaded. Check it out! :)


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