Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Kim Hyun-jung cheers South Korea's cycling team in tight pants

Pop singer Kim Hyun-jung sends her support and love to the South Korean cycling team competing in the 2008 Beijing Olympics! The 30-year-old is seen in skin tight PVC pants while astride a bicycle.

Cycling cheer: Kim Hyun-jung pushes her tush
out for the cycling team.

Uh-huh yes, I can see how that would motivate the team of cyclists made up of Park Sung-baek, Goo Sung-eun, Sohn Hee-jung and Lee Min-hye ;-).

The songbird's 8th album In N Out dropped in June 2008...but it didn't create much ripple in the K-pop music scene.

Maybe this is a way for the Small Boom singer to get notice some more.

Source & Pic credit: Newsen


Orchid said...

How does one get into pants as tight fitting as those? Put lots of powder first ? ;-)

Anonymous said...

sure dis isnt jun hye bin?

Anonymous said...

lol skin tight pants.. i like
but i have no comment about her ass

Anonymous said...

i think that's park jung ah no?

Liz said...

Nope, she ain't Park Jung-ah or any other stars mentioned. She's kpop singer Kim Hyun-jung :-).

kpopped said...

ha ha ha it just goes to show that all the plastic surgery the stars go through causes them look alike.


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