Sunday, 31 August 2008

Kwon Sang-woo and Sohn Tae-young leave for honeymoon

Make way!: Kwon Sang-woo has a plane to catch

Yup folks, here are fresh pictures of heartthrob Kwon Sang-woo (32) and his lovely wife-to-be Sohn Tae-young (28) leaving for their honeymoon in London.

The lovebirds decided to honeymoon before their wedding ceremony on Sept 28 because of their extremely busy schedules. going on a holiday with the one you love

However, it ain't all about lovin' on their trip as the couple will be working on a photoshoot together for fashion glossy W.

The pictures you see here were taken at the Incheon Airport this afternoon (Aug 31).

To London: 'Maybe we should squeeze in a visit to Big Ben?'

The price of fame: Oppa makes his way through the crowd
of fans and photogs at the airport

Leavin' on a jet plane: With boarding pass in hand, Sohn Tae-young (right) is
set to board the plane with hubby-to-be Kwon Sang-woo

See ya later, alligators: The lovebirds bid adios to the crowd

Boarding pass, please: Have fun guys, enjoy the trip!

Pics credit: as printed on pics

Kwon Sang Woo & Sohn Tae Young honeymoons before the wedding!
Kwon Sang-woo's final fling
Is Sohn Tae Young the right woman for Kwon Sang Woo?

Kwon Sang-woo announces wedding date


Anonymous said...

See Through white shirt with a black bra? That's so tacky!

Anonymous said...

yuck i still have problems with how the bottom half of her face curves in like in the last picture. and HER HAIR. HER HAIR. UGHHHH

Anonymous said...

why not one single picture with them together since marriage announcement? why & what are they hiding from, why does he always appear alone to face the public, at interviews? arent they proud to show off each other to prove they are love birds? why honeymoon before wedding, so weird and odd? not time due to heavy schedules can postpone honeymoon till much later like what ppl are doing but never honeymoon 1st, that's bad karma? why get married only after few months dating? why he married her cos he pities her crying on tv? why she married him when she declared that she lost faith in love?
all these unanswered questions are proving to be very suspicious that she's irresponsible and unreliable as a friend let alone a fickle-minded wife with many failed relationships conning any guy to marry her out to spite her ex-lover!

Anonymous said...

Are they really a couple who is getting married going on a honeymoon not hand in hand but arriving and leaving separately!!!They are lunatics fantasing their puppy love, scared too be seen as one united!! Holy Shit, Son Tay Young wearing revealing see through blouse to entice more lovers and what is she showing with that flat chested breasts. Sang Woo must the most idiotic brainless guy to marry her for her tears!!
Where is the love having to lose weight, billions of wons, endorsements, heavy expenses in buying properties, popularity, fans - everything he owns to one stupid mistake!!


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