Friday, 8 August 2008

Maybe there's hope for Na Ri yet...

Seon Na Ri, the 22 year old who was crowned Miss Korea 2008 has been slammed for looking way past her age. I don't think you and me are the only ones who think that she looks like an ahjumma when she was crowned Miss Korea on the 6th August. I mean, all of us have eyes right?

These pictures were found on Na Ri's homepage. Well, her mini hompy has been getting lots of hits lately, but i can't seem to find it, much less log in.

Anyway, the pics reveal a much younger looking Na Ri. I should say, of Na Ri looking her age. She doesn't look as old as she did during the competition. Maybe it was the bad hair style. Maybe there's hope for her yet.

Pictures of Na Ri....reveals a younger looking Miss Korea 2008

Pic credit: Na Ri Mini hompy via


Liz said...

Ah yes, she looks cute here. Can't wait for her transformation.

Anonymous said...

The blurry quality of the second pic makes me nervous. But god willing, she'll undergo a dramatic transformation.

And there always is the possibility she is VERY unphotogenic. After all, there have been Miss U placements that have been very unattractive - it must be b/c they look prettier in real life or have undeniable stage presence that doesn't transmute to camera.

erin_hakkinen said... least she's better looking than the current Miss Malaysia/Universe *faint*

sarah said...

She does look quite beautiful in those pics.It must've been the ajummah hair that made her look old during the beauty pageant.

spark said...

hey, this is her cyworld id: nary123. she looks like a different person...much younger, much more natural looking!

crystal said...

dear orchid.~
i read your blog everyday~~ great work here.!
i'm not sure if she changed her cy id recently but her it's
the strange thing is that miss korea mi jang yoon hee is getting more hits then nari,, maybe you would like to check them out but,, their cyworld is limited to the public..~

Orchid said...

@spark & crystal, thanks for her cyworld link. But i can't view her cy as i need to log in or something. :-(


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