Friday, 8 August 2008

Missin' Gong Yoo

After watching the drama Coffee Prince, i had to urge to read up on lead actor Gong Yoo. But sadly, despite the cult-like following the success of the drama has created, fact is, Gong Yoo is away serving his military duty. He enrolled on 14 January 2008, right after Coffee Prince.

During the compulsory 2-years all Korean males have to endure, they are not allowed to do any promotional activities and they are not even allowed to have their photos distributed during service.

...when it's hard and lonely,
I laugh a lot reading your letters

Gong Yoo is in the military now, but presents and
letters from fans cheer him up when he is down.

In the army Gong Yoo is known as Private Gong Ji-chul (his birth name). Earlier this year in March he was stationed in Chulwon and wrote two letters to his fans. Here are excerpts from his letters.
This is Private Gong Ji-chul, and I'm doing well. It's been three months since I left with a heavy heart, leaving you crying behind me. I'm in Chulwon, where I have to live for the next two years.
He enjoys reading letters from his fans...
I think I got a lot of Taiwanese and Chinese fans. I'm studying English through English letters, and when it's hard and lonely, I laugh a lot reading your letters.
I'm doing well. I'm still a private who can't do anything, and I think I'm going to be criticized by my seniors. By age, I'm about third or fourth. I'm a little sorry to those young seniors who are uncomfortable around me.
Half-jokingly, he revealed the difficulties of entering the army at an old age.
At first, it was chaotic, but now I feel like I'm really in the army. I think I have to calm down a little bit. Goodbye, no, I salute you.
He also left another thank you letter for his fans on 6th April.
I received all your presents. I'm touched. There are stickers and pictures of me everywhere. My seniors tell me that I'm like a PX (store inside of the army). Because of your presents, it was chaotic with distributing the packages.
Are you one of Gong Yoo's fans sending him gifts and presents? If so, he really cherishes them.

By the way, how do you send him gifts? What is the address? Anyone knows?

Source: Hancinema

Enhanced photo by Rooster

Gong Yoo in army fatigues
Gong Yoo gets a buzz cut, starts military stint
Gong Yoo's final fan meeting
Gong Yoo joins the army in January 2008


mrkpop said...

I liked him in Coffee Prince and he was also good in "One Fine Day" with Sung Yuri.

Can't wait for his comeback.


W-Holic said...


Love reading your blog - I'm interning in South Korea!!

Have yo u watched the show "going Crazy Waiting" (aka "the longest 24months") - 기다리다... (something.. like 치며)..?

It's really sweet!! ~ About 4couples having to deal with couply issues in the Korean NS.

All the Best!! Keep blogging!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post! I've been thinking a lot about him, wondering how he is. And it's sad that we can't read about him. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! He has a thread in soompi. Basically every month we try to collect letters from everyone and send it to one of the members then she's the one who sends it to Yoo's military camp. You can also leave messages at YOO's multiply group because it's also printed out and sent together with the letters.

P.S. Right now he is waiting for the results of his exam. He took exams/interview to be an entertainment soldier.

wawa said...

yay... orchid do you have a sixth sense??? hahaha... lately, i'm really missing Baby Yoo so much! i just re-run my CP & BTSC's boxset last week!

@anonymous2...i just knew bout we can send him a message when i found YooHouse's website... so i have dropped my first message in the forum's there... weeeee! me mishing him so much... never thought that Baby Yoo will give a big impact on me... hahahaha! crazeeee me!

wawa said...

wait...i'm going to repeat orchid's last line!!!

how can we send a present to Baby Yoo?? i really want to know...

Anonymous said...

wawa... I'm a member of YOO's multi and soompi group as well as YOOhouse. Try to visit it because I think we're planning for our christmas project. Just finished his bday project last month and sent it directly to his camp. As for gifts, some fans send it to Sidus.

Orchidyaldix said...

wawa!!! omg!! ur so right!!! just a couple of days ago i was like..."ommo...I really miss gong yoo oppa"...oh gosh...we totally connect with each other xD
I just hope he's healthy and mostly happy...but for that we need the address to write to him!!!
hey even my mom wants to send him a letter...sooo....ANY ADDRESS??? ANYONE???

Anonymous said...

like the others people can contact yoogals at soompi and they will lead you!!! it's a really cool fandom!!

Rashieda said...

Oh my god im totally hooked after watching sexy hot oppa gong ji on coffee prince.hes left my heart on fire i cnt seem to get enough i cnt wait 4 him to do anthr drama.hes so super hot and talented actor wish him all the best.
U rock gong yoo from ur crazy coffee prince fan in south africa, Rashieda

Rashieda said...

Plz! Anyone i need gong yoo oppa's address i dnt knw how long my heart cn take plz anyone have mercy on me from the dying coffee prince fan


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