Wednesday, 6 August 2008

My experience on the MTV Asia Awards Red Carpet

As most of you who have been following this blog would know, i had the chance to photograph on the Red Carpet at the recent 2008 MTV Asia Awards in Genting, Malaysia.

This is my first time on the Red Carpet, much less photographing the gorgeous stars. I was very intimidated. Some photogs had very sophisticated equipment and years of experience. Some had more than one camera, some had a two-step ladder to help them get a better shot. All i had with me was my Nikon D40 with its kit lens. No extra zoom lens, no external flash...

RTM reporter on the scene
RTM reporter giving a live report.
It was pandemonium on the Red Carpet.
Fans were screaming and everyone was excited!

Photographers and media were on one side of the Red Carpet, and we were confined in a wooden box about chest high. Official photographers of the event however, get to walk around freely.

It was a photography battlefield out there, and i had no friends. Everyone was vying for good pictures. To each his own. You've got to push and squeeze your way through to get a good shot. I even heard of a photog stepping on someone else's equipment bag to get a better shot.

I was really scared...what if i didn't get any good pics of Super Junior to take home for you guys? Yeah that was my greatest fear.

I stuck close to a very experienced and professional photographer from Getty images (Kristian Dowling) and managed to get these shots. Thank God for Kristian. ;-)

Photos are in order of arrival. Enjoy...

mtv vj denise utt taya juju

First to arrive were the gorgeous MTV VJs :
Denise Keller, Taya Rogers, Utt and JuJu

mtv vj taya rogers
Taya Rogers

jabbawockees on the red carpet
Don't you think the 2nd one from the right dresses so much like JT?
I got a shock when he arrived...i thought it was Justin Timberlake! :-P

pussycat dolls
Pussycat Dolls

pussycatdolls responding to the crowd
Pussycat Dolls encouraging the crowd

super junior pauses to check out the fans
Super Junior were next to arrive.
They paused to check out the crowd before moving on...
[View more pics of Super Junior on the Red Carpet]

karen mok autographs signs facemask
Karen Mok arrives and autographs on a fan's mask

karen mok and jared leto
Hosts for the evening, Karen Mok and Jared Leto

leona lewis and her malaysian fans mtv asia awards 2008
British singer Leona Lewis gets close to her fans

stephanie sun singapore
Stephanie Sun: Favourite Artist of Singapore
5 years in a row

nicholas teo
Malaysia's very own Nicholas Teo.
Congratulations for winning the
Favourite Artist of Malaysia!

one republic
One Republic
The American rock band's arrival was the most heartwarming.
The fans sang "Apologize" & "Stop and Stare" really really loud.

panic disco
Panic at the Disco won the edc Style Award

project ear
Project E.A.R

My personal experience on the Red Carpet was nothing short of spectacular. Thanks to MTV Asia, I-mae and team from Arcis Communications and Genting Highlands Resort for making all this possible.

We were given 2-days free accommodation at First World Hotel and transportation by coach from KL to Genting.

K-popped! covers the 2008 MTV Asia Awards


ally_ankf said...

omo.. my friend danny.. being signed by karen on his masked..wish i was there^^
good job kpopped!!

Orchid said...

@ally_ankf That's your friend Danny? Many stars signed on his "face" . ;-)

Valerie said...

thanks for sharing your encounters with us! awesome pictures! i mean, you got to see them up close and personal! that's amazing! i'm glad you didn't get trampled over the other photogs. and i'm also glad you guys got the chance to go of course! you guys definitely deserved to! did any of the guests make eye contact with you? ahh! i would've died!
ooh! the justin timberlake-esque guy is Phi Nguyen. he's my fave out of all of them!
and of course, awesome pictures of SuJu. ahh siwon and yesung! ::melts::
the girl guests look super fabuloso all glammed up. especially leona lewis. she can really pull off that dress. and VJ Juju is really fillin' out that yellow dress. totally fierce. VJ Utt is a really handsome guy too.
thanks again for sharing your experience with us! i really appreciate it!

miss_tree said...

you sure did an awesome job!
the pictures all turned out fine.
:) *kimchi kiss ♥*

can't tell you how glad i am to have found this blog! :D

omo..omo.. jaehee+hyun-jae are leaving for army?
my god... last time it was my lovely seong sigyeong oppa..
now them..?? :((
gonna miss them a lot!

wawa said...

hey, k-popped! u really did a great job... all the pictures were awesome!!!

and the jared's pic with karen mok, warghhhh! i'm melting....

Liz said...

Orchid, you did a great job on the red carpet. 걱정하지마세요 :-).

Yeah, Kristian is such a blessing, and its very clever of you to stick close by him.

아자 아자 화이팅!

-XioN- said...

woah.. lucky u to meet suju so near.. >.<

anyway.. i have pics of them after their reharsals.. can check em out at me blog.. :D haha.. they look soo.. handsome.. heh

Orchid said...

@ - xion - That's very resource of you. How you sneak here and there and find them after their rehearsal? Cool. For those who want to view Xion's entry, go here.

Glad you had a great time. Didn't sleep whole night some more and hang out at the hotel lobby!

Oh ya the boys (SUJU) do look better in real life.

audrey said...

orchid...did u missout a few artiste at the redcarpet?...there was tor+ saksit, show lo, jaclyn victor..umm even some celebs from akademi fantasia..

anyway thanks for the post..most b an unforgetable experience for ya!!! i hope there will b more to come for K-popped!!!!

aja aja hwaiting!!!!

miss_tree said...

just wondering whether anyone have seen kmovie "Attack on The Pin Up Boys"?
hehehehhhehehe.. it's a hilarious movie staring our beloved SuJu members.

wawa said...

@-xion-... wah! u really 'kejar' SuJu ha?????hehehehe...

Iris said...

Denise and Utt are gorgeous! I HEART them:) Anyway, the pics are really nice:)

Orchid said...

@audrey, trying to keep the pics i upload to a minimal. i actually have Show Lo. Erm...who is tor + saksit? Oh i missed Jacklyn Victor when she walked past. I was already (almost) on my way to the Arena of Stars.

|| Lyññ || said...

whoa! u poor guys were confined in a box?? So evil!!
I love looking at pictures!! I hope next year they will host it in Malaysia again!! I will enter every contest to go for the event... lol... or I'll just beg u guys to pack me in yr bags... haha... jk...

Pussycat Dolls looks stunning! Leona Lewis looks so nice too! I mentioned this few times already... HER VOICE IS SOOO NICE!!

tor + saksit is the winner for best artist of Thailand...

Anonymous said...

Your pics all came out awesome. I thought someone loaned you one of those muiltithousand dollar cameras ^^

Photomofo said...

Great Job with the pics!

I'm a photographer myself, and I would even be nervous in that situation!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the hard work...good job

Anonymous said...

thanks for the hard work...good job

Anonymous said...

you work hard...please sit down and have some kimchi *.*

sookyeong said...

you guys did a great job at the photos.. love those with Suju in in.. ^^

you guys must have been so excited at the scene ^^

Anonymous said...

hey hey... thanks for ur name mention. glad tat you enjoy tho.


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