Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Shin Mina poses for Calvin Klein

So thin: Shin Mina attempts to make her
waist disappear! Oooh....

Shin Mina (24) was recently selected as a Calvin Klein model. She gets right down to business and shows off her sexy - and very slim - figure in a fashion spread.

The Love to Kill actress will soon be appearing in Go Go 70, where she portrays a go-go girl named Mimi. The movie is slated for release in October.

Turning heads: 'And now for my next illusion, I'm
gonna make my head turn 360 degrees!'


wawa said...

i never knew that she is quite skinny! or the picture that makes her look skinny!

Orchid said...

How can one get so skinny? Must be photoshoped.

Anonymous said...

Oh Yummie!! Pick up the call Mina pick up the call!!

Vic in Arrowbear

ultranguik said...

lol i always love your witty caption

Anonymous said...

OMG She got sooooooo skinny! Ugh I don't like that on her!

wrong Mina ANON!

Anonymous said...

In the first picture, the body doesn't fit her head. In the second one it does. It looks photoshoped. And are the pockets suppose to be so low?? And it looks too much like 7 For All Mankind jeans. I guess Calvin Klein has run out of ideas.

Liz said...

Hello ultranguik and everyone else who has voiced out their appreciation for our witty captions. Thank you for saying that :-).

We try our best to come up with funny stuff...and we are glad you are enjoying them.

Mambo said...

Woah...that is very skinny.

LOL on the captions.


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