Monday, 25 August 2008

Song Hye-kyo sports short hair for The World They Live In?

Bob cut: Is that...Song Hye-kyo?

I dunno, the pictures of Song Hye-kyo in her "new" hairdo is so blurry, it could be a wig.

A first peek at the Full House actress in the currently-filming KBS drama The Word They Live In is circulating around the Internet.

The 27-year-old actress is pictured in a bob cut. Ah, she's so pretty she can carry off any hairstyle.

Pixie cut: Song with short hair for Laneige

Song Hye-kyo will be co-starring with My Lovely Samsoon hottie Hyunbin in the drama that gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of those involved in a drama production, much like SBS's hit On Air. Will it be a gritty drama? Will it have stories of backstabbers and opportunists?

To find out, tune in to the drama, which is reportedly airing (South Korea) in Nov 2008.

Source: Newsen

Good bye Bi-Kyo, hello Hye-Bin!?


Anonymous said...

mushroom hair

Vinky said...

She still looks gorgeous with that hairstyle!

Anonymous said...

old news!
1st peek not really.
Iv sn betta, well clearer, pics of her w/ short hair wks ago.

비비안 said...

wah!!! her hair is soo hottie.. made her more hottie!!!

this is the hairstyle that i wan but it looks like my stupid hairstylist dunno how to cut for me haiz....

but then i am glad, that i can see her new drama in kbs soon...

thanks for sharing it

jas said...

It's her real haircut.

She looks cute.

cyndy said...

Cant wait to see this show.. I love Bin-Kyo combination.LOL


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