Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Wang Ki-chun admires Moon Ji-eun's butt

Are you ready for this jelly?: Wang Ki-chun (left) thinks
Moon Ji-eun is bootylicious

Judo (73kg) Olympic silver medalist Wang Ki-chun's minihompy has attracted a whole lot of attention lately.

The 20-year-old has openly admired singer Moon Ji-eun's butt. There are pictures of the Fox(y) singer shakin' her booty with appreciative captions below them at his minihompy.

For instance, Wang wrote: "이런게 나이스 히프" which probably translates to "I like the nice hips". Sorry, my Korean still isn't fantastic :-P.

Flexxx: 'Yo, Moon Ji-eun, me like your butt.
You like my pecs?'

This from the same guy who declared that he will "marry Yoobin (of Wonder Girls) if I win the Olympic gold medal." He can kiss that dream goodbye, since he managed to only bag a silver medal :-P.

Nonetheless, it's nice to see that Olympic-standard athletes have fanboy crushes on stars too. Ah, I feel normal...not that I have a thing for Moon Ji-eun's butt too or want to marry Yoobin...ah, you get what I mean.

Source & Pics credit: IS Plus


Dottie said...

No offense but if my first impression of a guy is his comment about my butt ~ I would give him a good slap on the face and a knee in the nuts.

Just my personal reaction.

cheonsa said...

i think its more like these are nice hips~

but hmmm

id kinda typical guy? although i'm wondering if he shouldn't have kept stuff like that friends only

stone said...

walau dottie, so ganas one. I'm feeling the pain just by reading your comment.

Dottie said...

@ stone

I just feel that there is enough misogynistic treatment going around that we do not an accomplished Olympian to contribute any further.

If I were to rephrase my ganas-ness, I suppose I would go with what cheonsa said to "Keep it to yourself".

Of course, if the lady feels than a man making public comments about her body parts is the ultimate compliment then by all means, relish.

Anonymous said...

he has cauliflower ear....

Grace said...

It's more like, "nice hips like these" or "these are nice hips."

Anonymous said...

lol this guy seems pretty horny

Jiyool said...

Imagine if the two got married and have kids.

"Daddy married mommy coz she has the finest *beep*!"



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