Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Kwon Sang-woo and Sohn Tae-young pic

Well, it ain't an official photo of them together, but it's good enough for now.

Here's a look at lovebirds Kwon Sang-woo (32) and Sohn Tae-young (28) together in a pic. The pair will be tying the knot on Sept 28 at the Shilla Hotel.

Together: The wedding bells will soon toll for Sohn Tae-yang
and Kwon Sang-woo

There are about 300 people on the guest list and only relatives and close friends are invited for the big bash. Balladeer Jo Sung-mo will be the wedding singer. The officiator of the ceremony hasn't been announced yet :-).

Source: Hankooki

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cheri said...

What's with Son Tae Young's hair? She looks a bit like ajummah.

alchocoholic said...

Yeah, her dressing is a bit ahjumma-ish too... Hehe, I'd hate to be the lady on the left tho and have my face blocked out like that... not good enough to be in the same pic as ksw and sty hehe...

Anonymous said...

what in the world is she wearing??? and her hair! her clothes her skirt everything looks hideous!!!!!!!!!!!!


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