Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Lee Dong-gun and Igawa Haruka in a scandalous affair?

These two have been seen together in many places and fans smell a scandal.

Me and my girl: Lee Dong-gun (right) with his lady friend
Igawa Haruka

Japanese model/ actress Igawa Haruka (32) has been spotted at various hotspots in Seoul on a date with Korean heartthrob Lee Dong-gun (28). Igawa is married to fashion designer Matsumoto Ato.

Cool down, fangirls, the truth is, the pair were just portraying love birds for a Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) advertising campaign.

Lee Dong-gun and Igawa Haruka were filmed in Insadong, Myeongdong and Cheongdamdong. The stars even "dated" at the romantic island of Jeju, Busan and Gyeongjoo -- all in an effort to showcase the tourist spots to the many young Japanese netizens, who were the target market of the KTO ad campaign.

On a date: The pair promotes South Korea's hotspots
through their "dates".

Curious: Many are wondering what the pair is up to

Images of Lee Dong-gun and Igawa Haruka first appeared on August 25 and sparked a rumour that something was going on between the two. Thanks to today's technology of YouTube, mobile phones and power bloggers the "scandal" spread like wild fire on a windy day.

The KTO got the Japanese public good as it proved to be an effective way to create hype over the promotional campaign.

Source & Pics credit: Newsis

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sketchi88 said...

Haha this was one rumor I was going to believe! I mean I looove LDG but he looks like he would have an affair. I guess I cant get over his role in Changing Partners. Anyway if he did, I still could never hate the dude <3


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