Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Lee Dong-wook & Eugene promote Page 198 of His Book

Promo: Eugene (right) hangs on to Lee Dong-wook,
who looks like he needs a stylist.

I prefer the lesser-known translation for the movie - Page 198 of His Book - it makes more sense than That Man Book 198 Pieces.

Anyway, lead actors for the romantic movie - Lee Dong-wook and Eugene - appeared to the press in Seoul this morning to promote the flick.

Shine: 'Ok Ok, I'm sorry my suit shines so much.
It's the only thing I have in my closet.'

Lee Dong-wook (My Girl, Bittersweet Life) will play a man who loses his memory while Eugene (One Mom, Three Dads, Love Truly) will portray the woman who helps bring back his memory.

Page 198 of His Book is scheduled for release in South Korea on Oct 23.

Happy: Eugene is happy to have the stage to
herself...away from her "shiny" co-star.

Source: Newsen & HanCinema


Orchid said...

Another one with bowl cut! Eugene!

Rooster...u want to try this hairstyle?? ;-)

Arin said...

ahh, I call it a foul trend.
Haha, yes, call me old-fashioned or anything but I don't like the bowl cut trend.

But I still like Eugene though. haha. I can't wait to watch this movie. Both of them are pretty and handsome, but I wonder do they have chemistry on screen?

cheri said...

Can't wait to watch this movie !
They look great together and the story sounds quite interesting.


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