Friday, 5 September 2008

Model Jang Yoon-joo to debut as singer

One of South Korea's top models Jang Yoon-joo is set to become a singer!

Lonely: Tired of working with inanimate objects,
Jang Yoon-joo decides to become a songbird so she can have fans.

The lanky lady is currently recording her first studio album. No release date has been set yet.

Apparently, the album will be showing off Jang's vocal prowess. It is reported that the model has a sweet voice.

I guess the K-pop world will just have to wait and see ;-).

Half naked: Wow, I don't know what that ad's for actually.
Any guesses?

Source: Hankooki

Jang Yoon-joo spotted at these events:
Elle Magazine party @ Grand Hyatt Hotel
Star gazing at the Korea TV Ad Festival


Tyler said...

Feminine wash.

Valerie said...

now that's an S-line - with a touch of photoshop.

Anonymous said...

it'd be erotic and gorgeous if not so photoshopped!


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