Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Skin Food's Aloe Sun BB Cream

"It's really popular among Koreans, eh, you do research on it and tell me if its good," said a friend of mine a couple of months back when she told me about BB Creams. I've never heard of them before she mentioned it to me.

For the uninitiated, BB Cream or blemish balm cream is one of the hottest beauty products in Asia. Orignally from Germany, it was used by dematologists to help laser surgery patients soothe and regenerate the skin.

Skin Food's Aloe Sun BB Cream costs
RM54.90 (US$15.88)

Soon after, Korean celebrities started using the cream and a craze was born. Seeing the $ potential, cosmetic companies took the idea and turned it into a product widely available to the public.

The companies came up with a product suitable for all skin types, and is especially suited for those with sensitive and acne-prone skin (like moi).

BB Creams have make-up as well as skincare properties and claim to even out skin tone, camouflage under eye circles and acne scars. It also gives the skin a boost of radiance - all this without the heavy mask-like feel of foundation. Apparently, prolonged use of the product will help improve the skin's overall texture and lighten acne scars.

Sounds too good to be true, no? So I had to try one. After a little research, I discovered that many beauty blogs recommended Skin Food's Aloe BB Cream. If you are unsure whether you'd like the product and want something affordable for your little experiment, then the 50g tube at RM54.90 is a pretty safe bet. The Face Shop's BB Cream is said to clog pores while Missha's one doesn't come cheap.

Aloe Sun BB Cream with SPF 20 PA+

I've been using it for a month and a half now and I like it. So far, there's no Mount Versuvius-like eruptions on my face and it doesn't clog the pores too badly. Well, at least not as bad compared to the time I used to slap on foundation.

Tea Tree Cleansing Emulsion (RM32.50) and
the BB Cream

However, you've got to treat it like make-up and make sure you cleanse it off with a cleanser. The friendly Skin Food sales assistant suggested the Tea Tree Cleansing Emulsion (RM32.50 for 170ml), which is suitable for oily skin. I like the smell of it. Oh yeah, it does the job well too.

The Aloe BB Cream comes in two shades - #1 and #2 - the former being the lighter one, while the latter being the darker one. Extremely limited choices especially for us Malaysians who are more on the tanned side. I'm using the #2 shade and if I'm not careful (that is squeeze out too much) I'll look like I have a mask on. Ask Orchid :-P.

2 호 means #2. If you have very fair skin, then
you can go with 1 호

The texture is rather creamy, but it glides on easily over the skin. Apart from that, it smells lovely. It is also reported that the Aloe BB Cream helps control oil production. Frankly, it doesn't work on me.

As for the claims of even-ing out skin tone and covering acne scars and such: 1) it only provides sheer coverage for scars and under eye dark circles so don't put away the concealer yet and 2) yup, you will look radiant when you have the cream on - no joke.

All said, I like the Aloe BB Cream and have been using it daily.

Note: Also selling at Skin Food in Malaysia is the Gingko BB Cream, which is more suited for dry skin as it has moisturising properties. A no-no for my skin. Remember Mount Versuvius :-P.

Is BB Cream part of your beauty regime? What works for you and what doesn't? What would you recommend?

Source: MakeUp For Life (on BB Creams)


peepoo said...

this is quite interesting...i haven't heard anything about BB creams in the US. but i did read about it recently in an asian-american women's magazine. the article was talking about this cream and how it's the biggest craze in korea/asia right now. i think i'm gonna have to look into this...thanks for the tips!

|| Lyññ || said...

Cool! I am using this foundation from Yves rocher n when I first used it it was AMAZING! but after a few months of application, my face got more oily...

Ooo... I'm going to check this BB thing out tonight!! ^^

Amelia said...

I am currently using the Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream as well. I have used it for about 5 months already and I love it! I live in Hong Kong and even in the hot and humid weather it doesn't melt off your face. Yes, you will need to use concealer with it to cover up scars, etc... Remember, it's not a foundation so coverage won't be as extensive. It's purpose is to even out your skin tone. But, as mentioned in the original post, you must treat it like make up so you will need to use make up remover. Also, although it comes with SPF, you must use a sunscreen under it as well. The SPF in the BB Cream is not high enough!

All my friends love it now too! I've been sending this stuff to all my friends back in the US. In fact, it seems like I'm just going to Skin Food to buy the stuff and then heading off to the post office.

jehan kim said...

i'm using VOV's BB cream for almost a year already... it's so mild that i actually use it as my moisturizer at night.. so safe and really friendly on oily skin...

Julie said...

I live in Canada. Does anyone know where I could buy this? This product sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

Truthfully skinfood product are very good its just the price is so expensive wooot!!

Anyway BB cream do works
I have been under the sun for so long
And bb cream really help to even my skin tones in few weeks of applying
Just what they say use sparingly
Not too much as you end up looking too white or too matte like a ghost =X

lilyxlee said...

I use the Skin 'n' Nature UV Herbal BB Cream. I believe it's a japanese brand, not sure though. I've been using it for a couple weeks now and its been pretty good. It works great in evening out your skin tone and gets rid of redness, which I have a lot of. It also has SPF 25 which is a definate plus. It's really popular in korea and amongst celebrities there as well. You always here about it when watching variety shows.

Johan said...

Eh, got any BB cream products for guys? I think I could use some of it. My face is like so prone to acne problems. >.<

Anna K said...

Most of my Korean friends use BB Creams - They don't seem to use liquid foundation any more...

I've been using BB Creams (Blemish Balm Cream) since 2006.

My personal two favorites are

"Super Duper Whitening & Wrinkle Repair BB Cream" from "Somang Cosmetics" I purchased in Seoul


"Missha M Vita BB Cream."

You can purchase the latter one thru e-bay or online cosmetic shops.

It contains 7 essential Vits - good for your skin and covers absolutely all skin irregularies with just small amount, unlike other BB creams.

Functions as "SPF 20 UV Block + Moisturizer + Makeup Base + Foundation."

After toning (clean & Clear toner)and moisturising my skin, I usually apply BB Cream with Sun-blocking effect and set it with light sheer face powder.

Missha BB cream is said to be explosively popular among Japanese women who come to Korea to purchase tons of Korean cosmetics (Cosmetic shops at Myungdong area in Seoul have recently hired Jap, Chi, Eng translators for trouists; it is a heaven for those who wanna buy Faceshop, Skin Food, Missha, Etude, Laneige, etc. at cheap prices (US$3~12).

I'm so used to using light airy BB creams that I can't go back to heavy and itchy foundation any more.

It's like..after having used "Business Class" a few times, it's a bit hard for you to get used to "Economy Class" when flying, hehe ^^:)

jehan kim said...


most korean cosmetics or skin care products are actually designed for both men and women...

if you are acne prone, skin food has one for oily skin...

i am acne prone too. when i started using VOV's BB cream, my face also started to get better. i also use VOV's concealers and i see men buying them too. their containers are gender friendly... so you wont be embarrassed to bring them out to use them...

Johan said...

Really? Thanks for the heads up Jehan. I'll probably consider getting one of them then. :)

Lumy said...

I hadn't heard about these BB creams before, and I'd like to try them!~
My skin is also oily T_T so you say it clogs your pores? Because I already have some blackholes on my nose >_< I hate them~ so is Missha better for oily skin? Do they have special products for oily skin?
Thanks~ ^^

J said...

BRTC, Dr. Jart, Hanskin and Skin79 are the famous bb cream in Korea. Both Dr. Jart and BRTC are quite expensive while Skin79 is affordable. I have been using Skin79 for 2 weeks now and I would said that the oil control are really good. After applying it, my skin are dewy-like.

Lumy said...

Thank you for replying ^^ I saw there are lots of Skin79 BB creams, which are better for oily skin? Is Skin79 better than Missha @_@?

Anna K said...

One of my pals is saying thru skype now that
Missha's "M Perfect Cover BB Cream" is even better than Missha "M Vita BB Cream" in terms of skin improvement and super-perfect coverage.

Gotta try it some time *^O^*

Over 20 US dollars is not bad at all...'coz usually one tube lasts about 3 months.

BTW, am not affiliated in any way with Missha!:-))

The following is the description of the product from the Web.

"....M Perfect Cover B.B Cream SPF42 PA+++ 50ml RM80

Missha M Perfect Cover B.B Cream offers a novel skin care concept with B.B Cream, which lighten skin tone by healing visible wrinkles and blemishes with excellent skin cover ability and prevent skin aging through effective whitening and anti-wrinkle properties.

It is a multi function BB Cream with effect of UV blocking, Whitening and Wrinkle Care, creating perfect cover makeup.[B.B (Blemish Balm) Cream]

This M Perfect BB Cream makes your skin tone clean and natural by concealing blemishes with excellent skin coverage.

It is a multi functional makeup cream with blocking UV rays, whitening and wrinkle care effects and simplifies makeup formalities.

Its moisturized application with W/S texture makes sleek skin tone while supplying moisture and nutrition at the same time.

It is in beige color.
*Directions: After basic skin care, apply an appropriate amount along to the skin texture and finish with powder.
No need to apply Sun cream in additional."

Liz said...

Hi all, what a lively discussion on BB Creams :-).

I've only tried Skin Food's Aloe BB Cream, but am looking for something that has more control over my oily skin.

@Amelia - you should be working for Skin Food! Sending all those products to your friends! :-P

@Julie in Canada - you guys don't have Skin Food outlets in Canada?

And to all who shared their personal favs and such:

I don't think Malaysia has the BRTC and Dr. Jart or Hanskin brands. My friend told me that there's only ONE outlet for Skin 79 and it's at Sunway Pyramid.

As for Missha, I don't know what BB Creams they have locally. There are quite a number of Missha outlets, but I think it's quite pricey over here. Maybe about RM100 over? Not too sure though.

Lilyxlee, Malaysia also doesn't have the Skin 'n' Nature brand :-(.

Orchid said...

wow this BB cream sounds too good to be true! i haven't tried it yet.

anyone uses it as a primer before using foundation?

namida said...

Really interested! I'd like to get this!
So which one is better? Skin Food, Skin 79, or Missha?
Missha seems to have a lot of good feedback and based on Liz's article Skin Food too..haven't heard of Skin please.

J said...

@liz : Correction-there is an outlet of Skin79 in Summit USJ beside Ace Hardware, not Sunway Pyramid.

@namida : Different bb creams caters to different types of skin. I have tried Missha's bb cream and I ended up with break-out as it contains mineral oil.

Lumy said...

really? O.O so which one is good for oily skin?

julie said...

I don't know any Skin Food Outlets in Canada. If anyone knows, please share. I really want to buy and try it out myself.

Anonymous said...

SKIN FOOD? THE SPOKESPERSON PERSON FOR SKIN FOOD IS Sung Yu Ri? and where can i get the cream in the US?

KoreanCosmeticsRule said...

Yo, guys, what's up?!

Wow, thanks for all the useful info!!

I've done a little research and found a couple of review sites on da various BB creams.

Check them out and have a groovy weekend, gals (and dudes :))~

**Just "Copy & Paste" the following link **

Missha - Perfect Cover BB Cream

BB Cream - the New Rage in Foundation

Anonymous said...


TONY MOLY has one made specifically for MEN. It's a Korean brand.

Angel said...

I'm kinda new to this skincare stuff. Just out of curiosity, I'm guessing people use other products too. So you use the cleanser first, then apply the bb cream, right? I'm guessing ppl do this during the day. But does anyone use other products like toner etc? What about night time? I know this sounds dumb, but I'm unsure...

Anonymous said...

It sounds interesting. I never heart of it.
I'm from germany, anyone know where I can buy it?
thanks ;)

Orchid said...

@Angel, you use the BB cream after your usual clean-tone-moisturize routine.

5five6six said...

I bought one !! Its from ETUDE HOUSE, a 10-year old Korean cosmetic brand (which most all of its product comes in pinky range, lovely)... The shop located in Sunway Pyramid.
The price come slightly cheaper for the cream (RM42.90) or with SPF30 (RM49.90) ... but the BB Balm cost RM56.90 if I'm not mistaken ... Anyway balm goes out of stock FIRST due to lotsa demand! :) So, Etude House, anyone?

Anonymous said...

honestly, i don't why people kept saying that the faceshop bb cream is bad. I have been using it for 5 months now and it is really good! whenever I use it, all my friends are like- hey, ur skin looks really nice. it's like glowing! i did breakout and it pretty much covers my acnes! saved me bigtime!!! it is so easy to apply, not too thick, that's why it's bette when u apply it! I got my BRTC and been using for two days, and i didn't really like. i feel like it made my skin dry and the thickness of it made it really hard to apply. oh, i got the brtc recover balm. enjoy!

Anonymous said...

btw, i didn't breakout because of the face shop bb cream. just an fyi... oh and also, if you guys are acne prone or have whiteheads and blackheads, try marykay blemish toner! proven effective! i also use the mineral powder(loose)!bb cream then the mineral powder check it out

Mineral Makeup said...

Skin Food looks like a pretty good brand. I'll take a look into more of their products.

Anonymous said...

The BB balm from Etude House, if i had already apply BB cream, why i should also apply the balm? is it before or after aplying the BB cream?

Anonymous said...

so did your skin improve ?
like did this bb cream help fade acnee scars and such.
thank youu(:

Anonymous said...

Aw, I don't know how to reply to a comment. Anyway, Skin Food isn't actually that expensive a lot of the eBayers raise their price depending on the competitors in my opinion.
Lately the price has dropped but I'm not too sure about buying a Korean product in HK or China. Little bit fishy but they do have Skin Food over there so. Meh.
I like this site so far though.
They have it for a good price and their nail polishes are so damn cute!<3

jehan said...

in philippines, i used VOV's bb cream and i found it okay since it helped vanish most of my acne scars and blemishes.

been living here in korea for almost 4 months now and i've tried various bb creams because they give you freebies to your hearts content when you go to beauty shops/boutiques and purchase. i just recently bought Missha's M Perfect Cover BB cream since it comes in 2 tints, a darker tint for the foreigners with not so light skin--it's really wonderful. and i still got trial packs of the bb cream from the boutique, another trial pack of another skin care set and a box of cotton puffs.. korean customer service is really amazing... they make you want to go back for more (freebies, ㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

Linnne said...

sucks! i wish i can reply to anonymous comments~ anyway, thanks for the link!! you are soo right~ their price is really good and free international shipping!! im koreann and comparing to the actual price they dont make much money hahaha. they are sweet and they even gave me a teddy bear chain for a suprise gift!! and they had a promotion for something and i was their 500th seller haha they gave me a coupon for free bb cream ~

Anonymous said...

I bought all of my things on also! Well, my boyfriend said it was the cheapest considering. Their shipping is moderate. Sometimes it comes in a week other times about two weeks. But, overall. I love the service & the free goodies! They always give me a lot of samples & free makeup bag etc. Overall, can't beat free shipping.

simon said...

BRTC has officially launched their North American website. They are offering 4 brands of bb creams. BRTC is the #1 selling brand of bb creams as well as acne, wrinkle, dry skin, and blackhead solutions.Currently they sell into 9 countries, hold 9 patents, have heavy R&D investments and sell over 6 million products a year.

Visit them at for product info, free samples, news, updates and promotions.

1. Jasmine Water BB Cream
2. Gold Caviar BB Cream
3. Blemish Recover Balm
4. Glossy Shining BB Cream

Skincare that works! Botanically.

forker said...

hi there!
i'm selling aloe bb cream shade 1 spf 20
at USD 13
some leftovers from a spree
email me at
if u are interested.
i can mail it worldwide.

GundamGirl said...

I bought Skin Food's new Agave Cactus BB Cream which happens to be the most expensive one. But after applying it for 10 mintues I had so many bumps all over my cheeks I thought i was having chicken pox! Eek! Maybe it is too rich for my sensitive skin. =\

Liz said...

@GundamGirl, sorry to hear that. You're allergic to the product so better stop using it right now!

GundamGirl said...

@liz> Thanks, I stopped using it completely. In fact, I returned it to the store and they allowed me to exchange it for other things. But my a bit itchy today. T_T I hope i am not allergic to ALL bb creams because it does give you a nice dewy look.

Liz said...

@GundamGirl: Good for you! Since your skin is so sensitive, may I suggest that you do a patch test (on your wrist) first before slathering on the products?

There are many BB Creams out there in Malaysia. You can get the BRTC range at Watsons, Dr G./ Gowoonsaesang range at Sasa outlets as well as Missha BB Creams at their outlets. There's also Face Shop, Etude House and Ianti (I think).

So no worries, if Skin Food's products don't suit you, you can always try the others :-).

angelamhiere said...

I actually read about BB Creams here... I tried this very product and I have been using it for five months now! I sooooo love it!!! ^__^


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