Monday, 1 September 2008

SM Entertainment holds auditions in the US and Canada

They gave you BoA, brought you the rising gods of the East - TVXQ and whipped up a mega boyband like no other in Super Junior.

They've sweetened the Kpop music scene with Girls' Generation and are wooing all noonas with SHINee.

We're talking about SM Entertainment, the talent agency that is on the lookout for fresh new talents and YOU could very likely be the Next Big Thing.

Got talent?: Auditions are being held in the US and Canada

Listen up readers residing in the USA and Canada, SM Entertainment will be rolling into your town again for its 08 S.M. Entertainment Global Audition.

As long as you're Asian, you're welcome to participate in the audition regardless of nationality.

What kind of talents are they looking for? Singers, actors, models, dancers and songwriters/lyricists.

Think you've got what it takes to impress the pants off the people at S.M. Entertainment? Think they haven't seen real entertainment until they've see what you've got?

Details below:

Event: '08 S.M. Entertainment Global Audition
When?: Sept 19, 2008 - Oct 25, 2008
  • Sept 19 - Hawaii
  • Sept 21 - Los Angeles
  • Sept 26 - Washington D.C. & Orange County (CA)
  • Sept 28 - New York & San Francisco
  • Oct 18 - Toronto
  • Oct 25 - Vancouver
Instructions on how you should prepare for the audition can be found at SM Town or OneGen Productions.

Pic credit: SM Town


Ily said...

should i give this a try? lol.

Anonymous said...

^ give it a try! You'll never know whats gonna happen :)
I'm trying this year too :)

Johan said...

I hope they come down to KL again. It'll be good to try and get a shot at auditioning for them.

Personally, I'd rather sign under MNET though.

Ily said...

Anonymous - you're trying this year? which location?

Johan - were they ever in KL? to get people to audition for them? wow, i didnt know that.

Jae said...

I wish I could go.

Johan said...

ily - Yup. I went for their first audition in 2006, but didn't manage to get through since I never received any e-mails or calls from them. SM were also here last year, but I missed out on that one since I wasn't aware of it.

ily said...

yeah, i looked at the website, and they were in KL last december. I was in KL around that time, and I didnt know about that too.
oh, well, let's see if i'm up for it this time. Not trying to be the next idol or anything. lol.

SereneAshley said...

yeah.. i would love 2 try out the auditions, but is sm even coming 2 kl this yr?

Anonymous said...

what if you dnt have a asian last name

but is asian??

Anonymous said...

what if you don't understand korean but you are asian? can u still go for audition?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there is any company (in asia) that sign a artist that is not asian?


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