Thursday, 18 September 2008

TVXQ opens SM Entertainment's karoake joint "EverySing"

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TVXQ at the "EverySing" 노래방 (noraebang) opening

Korean idol group Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK/TVXQ) is seen here in Gangnam Apgujeong, Seoul on the 18 Sept at 5pm. It has been a long long time since the five mega-popular boy band appeared in public (in Korea). They have been spending lots of their time in Japan, breaking the Oricon charts there. The Korean media must have missed them tremendously.

The boys were at the opening of "EverySing" - a Karaoke restaurant establishment. "EverySing" belongs to a subsidiary company of SM Entertainment, hence, to make the opening ceremony so much more happening, they got DBSK to be there!

EverySing Fighting!

Ahh...the press just love them

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They also couldn't get enough of sexy
Hero Jaejoong in a deep V-neck sweater

Four of the Sonyeosidae (SNSD)
girls were there too!

Special guests at EverySing opening party
Shinee and Ara...were there too!

Pics credit: Newsen, Starnews


Anonymous said...

You're just too damn quick. TVXQ looks good.

Anonymous said...

SM Entertainment wants to use EverySing noraebang to recruit more talents.

MiMi said...

jaejoong looks real faggy in that outfit.

cheri said...

I like TVXQ's clothes.They look like sons of rich tycoons.

cowsandlemonade said...

I don't like their hairstyles or the clothes, seriously, they need a new stylist to make them look a bit tougher and edgier.

Anonymous said...

im sorry, but unless youre in an indie rock band and chasing the white dragon, you shouldnt be sporting such atrocious attire.


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