Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Kim Hyun-joong in Converse F/W 2008

Kim Hyun-joong, idol singer of boy band SS501, also known as the newly cast Rui for Hana Yori Dango (Boys before Flowers) models for Converse Autumn / Winter 2008.

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Kim Hyun-joong and Cho Kang-hwee are models for Converse.
Don't ask me why that duck is in the picture.

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Converse parkas come in all sorts of bright colours!
I wouldn't advice you to wear that pair of pants though...


yah said...

KHJ is everywhere... hmmm
about that duck or goose, maybe they're trying to pretend that they're in a farm (whut?). I dunno, it just reminded me of the American Gotihc painting XD

I like KHJ but I don't like what they paired with his cool jackets in this shoot. The bowtie is ugly. The girl's outfit is cute though ^^

star said...

you are like my grandfather


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