Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Lee Dong Gun at the Dior Homme Party, Hong Kong

Here are some old photos of Lee Dong Gun at a Dior party in Hong Kong last year. Although it is somewhat dated, fans of Lee Dong Gun might appreciate here they are. :-) Josh Hartnett and Daniel Wu (who looks like an "apek" in some of the photos) were there too.

Lee Dong Gun (far right) at the Dior party in Hong Kong

Lee Dong Gun enjoying his sparkling wine

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Lee Dong Gun in a white shirt and jeans at the fashion event.
On his left is Josh Hartnett.

Mingling at the party - although these celebs seem to stick together


E said...

Well between them are shawn Yu and Stephen Fung both very prominent actors in HK as well!

Anonymous said...

omg. josh!

-XioN- said...

daniel wuuuu... daniel wuuuu....

alchocoholic said...

No offence but I wonder how ldg communicated with josh hartnett & the hk stars... can he speak english? I know shawn yue, stephen fung and daniel wu all speak perfect english so they probably didnt have a problem but he seems to be the odd one out.

Sidenote: The hk stars are major hotties!!!

peepoo said...

i love shawn yue...what a hottie!!!

Nozomi said...

I'm thinking LDG has to know some english.

Anonymous said...

Lee Dong Gun speaks English quite fluently. If you have paid more attention to his DVDs you would have known this. He does not have much accent either. I think he is the hottest one in the group. So it is all about personal preference.


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