Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Lee Seung Ki meets fans after accident

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No worries mate! I am fine...

Lee Seung Ki (이승기) meets his fans after recovering from a four-way car accident. He was involved in a car accident on October 7th, in Kyeonggi Province.

Thankfully Lee was not seriously injured. He looks very tanned and in the pink of health at the meet-the-fans session on the 12th October at Seoul's M Plaza. The tan must be due to many hours spent in the outdoors filming the popular variety show 2 Days, 1 Night (


Valerie said...

whoa. i didn't even know he was an accident in the first place!! thanks for reporting this k-popped! i'm a big fan of LSG and 1N2D. especially watching him in 1N2D, he's so funny. i'm glad he's okay.

jacA said...

and he always goes "where's my sunblock??"


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