Friday, 31 October 2008

Maxim Nov '08 cover girl: Han Chae-ah (한채아)

Sizzle: Miss Han Chae-ah

Han Chae-ah, the actress in the MBC sitcom Kokkiri (Elephant), will be heating up the Nov 2008 issue of Maxim (Korean Edition).

Bedtime: 'Yes, divas dress up for bed.'

The 24-year-old shows off her long sexy legs and slim figure for the men's magazine. There's very little on the actress, and DramaWiki lists Kokkiri as her one and only project thus far.

Han Chae-ah stands 167cm tall.

Bootylicious: Chae-ah shows of her...erm, asset.

Lounging:...rather sexily, if I may say so ;-).

Broken doll: 'Darn, I think I dislocated
my shoulder.'


k9vc said...

That is 167 cm of OH MY GAWD! How can just one woman be THAT pretty? You would expect it would take five or six women sharing the pretties to be that stunning. And I certainly volunteer to help her with her shoulder!

Vic in Long Beach, CA

Liz said...

More pics of Han Chae-ah as the Nov 2008 Maxim model :-).


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