Thursday, 2 October 2008

Rain tells you his LOVE STORY

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Rain ropes in the gorgeous Ha Ji Won
for his music video - Love Story

Korea's 'World Star' Rain (real name Jung Ji-hoon) is back with his 5th album, and he plans to come back with a blast. I bet there will be an avalanche of promotional appearances from the Energizer Bunny soon. So fans, be on your toes.

This is his first album after his departure from JYP Entertainment. Hence the talented Park Jin Young will not be writing his songs anymore. The first of his promotional onslaughts has begun and the teaser trailer for the album's first single is called "Love Story". The lyrics of this song is written by Rain himself. Ha Ji Won stars in the music video. The MV was filmed at Apgujeong (Seoul's Rodeo Drive) and a club in Gangnam.

View the 1 minute teaser video here!

Come to think of it he took a break to debut in the USA and worked on two Hollywood movies (Speed Racer and Ninja Assassin), however he has yet to bring us an English album.

Anyway, Rain's 5th album is produced by his very own J Tune Entertainment.

Ha Ji Won is hot commodity
Rain's Happy Chuseok and 5th album promo message


daisyjane said...

I like it! Can't wait to see more of it. Rain appears a wee bit klutzy but a tough guy in this mini drama music video. It's also the first time he is seen smoking and drinking hard liquor. I think he wants to shed his good boy image.

shinta said...

"I bet there will be an avalanche of promotional appearances from the Energizer Bunny soon. So fans, be on your toes"

I'm always ready for that avalanche anytime..Keep it coming!

Arin said...

They both should act in a drama together instead!

Haha, anyway, am looking forward for his Korean comeback again too! Seriously, so many comebacks this time around reminds me of the K-pop scene two years ago =)

Rain's 'Im Coming' & DBSK's 'O-Jung Ban Hap' came out around the same time too 2 years ago! lol.

aya said...

wow.. i've been waiting for his new album..somehow, the last scene of the teaser remind me of him in "a love to kill'.. lol.

marianne said...

this left me hanging on the edge of my seat. it sure looks like an upcoming drama or something, they should be paired and do one. :)

Dora said...

Bi is back! Hope the album will do great.

Anonymous said...

i am so anxious about how the mv will be...and now...the teaser is! he really caught my whole attention! two thumbs up...ha ji won is great too! she is beautitful!

Anonymous said...

I miss his husky sexy voice. Can't wait for more! Bi's back!

Dottie said...

Oh my god, this looks AWESOME!!!

Secretly I'm happy to see him back where he belongs and is obviously so comfortable... Now if he'll only stay...

Thanks k-popped!

Anonymous said...

Rain-Jiwon matched in heaven, beautiful couple in love perfect height right size. Rain said he no gf, didnt he asked for matchmaker now he got it grab her n lose her.

Anonymous said...

Sure waste of money, listen 1 time and that piece of trash become mouldy.
How Rain became millionaire stacked with 25M in his kitty and his million fans become poorer. Cruelty to mankind, just think the many poor countries starving to death dying of hunger and incurable diseases, and here fans clambering to push Rain to a zillionaire.
Have mercy on the needy people, will you?
Rain is no god, must you kowtow & give your riches.
Rain an ordinary Korean boy like anyone, what so great?

Dottie said...

Dear Anonymous above this comment: It's rather precarious of you to assume/generalize that those of us who pay good money for our hobby do not shell out equally for charity.

I'm glad that you obviously share ALL your riches with those in need and waste not a cent like the rest of us but do remember WE are spending OUR hardearned dough so WE should be able to decide on HOW; just like YOU.

Anonymous said...

like hell you will!!!! idol worshippers insane over korean trash!!!!clapclapclap, here comes your hero!!!!kiss his toes!!!!
oh yeah i love his new mv!!!! perfect lovers!!!!!

clarisse said...

anonymous: I think it's not your business whether we buy his album or not. It's our money and it makes us happy so be it.

Anonymous said...

none of our business neither any of your god damn business. you control world internet forums. shut your blady mouths, will you. you say yours i say my piecce of shit. nobody ask you ???? why retort. who the world cares how u spend ur money, hardearn cash to be thrown away like trash.

fraulein said...

Never imagined a teaser cld incite so much emotion from fans and non fans alike

clarisse said...

anonymous: How can you say hard earn cash when you dont even know me or other fans of Rain who bought his album and other stuff. If that makes me happy I'll buy anything related to Rain. Mind your own money.

Anonymous said...

Bi's latest lovers craze over big sized ajjummas next change Kimsuna. He needs lovers that can stand tall enuf to kiss w/out tiptoeing on hi sticks.
his face is damn shag down to skeleton bones, heartbroken crying buckets, no no no Bi there are plenty beautiful ones in big oceans.
go for it, you can make it!

Anonymous said...

latest lover & lover-to-be far exceeds his old flame smelling his armpit, time for change as you wud change shirts. that shorty korean actress is tissue wieght - any time any other girls fit you to a T, no loss.
any gauge how much the album gonna cost in US$ n when out in the mkt for sale??? got to save pocket money.

Dottie said...

I must say this is just ridiculously FUNNY now.

Dear Anonymous ~ you have your right to free speech so if nothing else we will grant you that. It takes guts and balls to bash which you obviously do not have since you're so ashamed to even put your name down.

Dear K-popped sisters ~ you guys are awesome! Don't let this fool ruin your day.

Anonymous said...

It is always amusing when people who criticize Rain's English can't even speak English very well themselves!

Anonymous said...

publik forums for raving and ranting not whispering sweet nothings "i love u i need u i want u so much, u know"
what's with u, ur name genuine per passport name or fictitious? dont u dare give orders!

Anonymous said...

Ji won sure is pretty, sofar Bi's best choice of a woman everything yu need of a wife, look nowhere Bi this is your chance b4 she flies away.

Orchid said...

ya Bi and Ha Ji Won make an awesome couple!

Orchid said...

err...anonymous doesn't make any sense. i've deleted some of his / her comments!

You may speak your view on any of the celebs or entries we blog about. However, if you want to leave repeating entries, please leave your name & PLEASE TRY TO MAKE SENSE. if you don't make sense, we will just delete your comments.


Suuky said...

As much as I love Rain, I don't know how well he'll do releasing an "american" album. His english still needs alot of work and there has yet to be any recent Japanese/Korean cross overs in the music industry. Its good to see him coming into Showbiz here in the states.

(Utada Hikaru didn't do well, I don't think BoA did well with her cross over either. But thats my 2cents)


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