Monday, 13 October 2008

Yoo Jae-suk & Jun Jin's Infinite Challenge aerobics

Men in tight tights: 'Finish with a flourish, guys!'


The members of South Korean hit TV show Infinite Challenge donned their sparkly shorts leotard for an aerobic gymnastics competition this morning (Oct 13).

The guys included comedians Yoo Jae-suk, Park Myeong-soo, Jung Hyung-don, Shinhwa member Jun Jin and actors Jung Joon-ha and No Hong-chul.

Lift: Don't drop Jun Jin now

The men pranced around to music and exercise routines complete with some interesting team formation!

Their costume was a laugh, but the guys had the last laugh. If I'm not mistaken, they came in 2nd at the competition (out of 8 teams). Their routine earned them 16 points out of 20. Wow!

Aren't they hilarious? Wearing that costume alone takes a lot of gut.

Going through the routine: Err...guys, you are all not in sync.

Hah!: 'Quick, feel my steely arms.'

Get in line: 'It's time for the conga line! Whoo hoo.'

Flexibility: Don't try this at home, kids

Balance: It takes a whole lotta teamwork

Health matters: The guys applaud themselves for working up
a sweat...and being oh-so sporting.

Source: Hankooki


Anonymous said...

holy crap... hahah

alchocoholic said...

You know the costumes are bad when even jun jin can't pull the look off haha... but bonus points for being so brave and having a great sense of humour!

Miss Manderley said...

omg that is hilarious!! only junjin looks almost decent in the sparkly blue leotards XD

Orchidyaldix said...

xD Oh My!!! hahahahaha
I so want to see it!!!! hahahaha they're sooooo funny!!!
Do u know where to download it???? or watch it??

Anonymous said...

LOL omg..they are so funny! XDDD

Dottie said...

I love MC Yoo and Park Myung-soo SO DAMN MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Orchid said...

I think only Korean men will do these kind of things... :-o

Anonymous said...

the show hasn't aired yet, but it will in the coming weeks. looking forward to it. infinity challenge making a strong comeback this month =)


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