Saturday, 15 November 2008

Billy Joel holds concert in Seoul

Arrival at Gimpo Airport: Billy Joel receives a warm
welcome in Seoul

The Piano Man a.k.a. Billy Joel arrived in Seoul yesterday afternoon for his one-night only concert tonight (Nov 15).

This is the 59-year-old's first visit to South Korea.

It is reported that Koreans absolutely adore Joel's Honesty track.

I'm sure they will be in for a good time at the Olympic Gym, Seoul this evening :-).

Super Concert: Is Joel all set for the big night
in Seoul?

Shrugs: It looks like he isn't too sure himself :-P.

Source: Newsen


noV said...

uptown girl~ hahah~

sasjo said...

Honesty is a great track. One of my favourite Billy Joel tracks, without a doubt.


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