Friday, 21 November 2008

Hyun Bin is maturing in The World They Live In

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Hyun Bin takes a breather & holds an
interview at Ankara Park, Yeouido, Seoul

Hyun Bin takes a break from the grueling filming schedule of The World We Live In, and talks with reporters in an interview. He was at a park, amidst the beautiful autumn backdrop.

In real life, Hyun Bin (26) is not the cocky prince charming he usually portrays. Hyun Bin has won the hearts of many women in his previous KBS 2TV drama "Snow Queen" and movie "A Millionaire's First Love". The heartthrob is currently working on the KBS 2TV drama The World We Live In (scripwriter: No Hwee Kyeong, director: Pyo Min Su, Kim Kyu Tae).

On the 4th of November afternoon, Hyun Bin talks about
his current project
at Ankara park, near the
KBS Building in Yoido, Seoul.

At the interview, Hyun Bin talks about his character Jung Ji Oh. When approaching his character Ji Oh, Hyun Bin vowed to himself that he would throw away his "youth star" image and move on to become a serious actor, worthy of his acting skills.

"Ji Oh is the type of person who approaches love without hesitation. He also finds it hard to forget his first love and their relationship comes on and off. Ji Oh has to deal with work as well as relationships. Thus Ji Oh is a person who does actually exist in the real world.", says Hyun Bin. He is not some prince charming that only exist on television.

Hyun Bin tells us about his PD character Jung Ji Oh

Playing Ji Oh - a character with many emotional layers yet making it believable is very challenging for Hyun Bin. So much so that he says he is in "agony". He is tired as he puts much of himself into this role. But the result of his agony is "maturity".


daisyjane said...

There's nothing ordinary about Hyun Bin. He is an extra-ordinary fine actor.

missmanderley said...

given a capable PD and a good script... with an interesting character... Hyun Bin really shines, like in WW...

Anonymous said...

I hope the longevity of his career is boundless because I feel that he has not had the same stroke of opportunity since MNIKSS.

Regardless, he's always an ace in my book!

Anonymous said...

the press are more easy on him than SHK... and since there are more women then men in the net, i guess it normal for women to criticze SHK more than HB...

No matter how bad an actor is in a drama (im not saying that HB is) but as long as they are handsome and goodlooking... all their acting flaws are overlooked...

tough on SHK... TWTLI is not "soo good" because the script isnt that engaging as it should be.. but i like the SHK and HB's characters being together early in the drama, rather than in the last 2 episodes or something.. hahah

anyway, HB your'e HOT!! hahah..

cheri said...

I think he's an okay actor.
By the way, My Lovely Sam Soon was shown on MBC not KBS.

Orchid said...

Cheri...thanks ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love watching Hyun bin in WW.. very natural acting!
and he's so charming and lovable!

Anonymous said...

yay! i'm so in-love with hyunbin can't wait for tomorrow's epi of WW..


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