Sunday, 2 November 2008

Jae Hee promotes Mandate: Mission from the gods

Rare appearance: Jae Hee is happy to see
his fans again

Actor Jae Hee (real name Lee Hyun-gyoon), who is currently serving his compulsory military duty, gets special leave to promote his latest flick Mandate: Mission from the gods.

The action/ fantasy directed by Park Hee-joon is about a supernatural entity that kills in a village called Whagoklee. Jae Hee plays Choi Kang, the hero who hunts down the entity.

The Three Dads, One Mom actor appeared to the press in his army fatigues on Nov 2 :-).

The 28-year-old enlisted in the army on Aug 4.

Gift: The soldier gets a lovely bouquet
of flowers.

Conscious: 'What do I miss the most?
My hair.'

Attention!: Jae Hee salutes everyone in the room.
He is well trained.

Sources: Hankooki & HanCinema

Jaehee enlists for military duty

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fraulein said...

He looks lively here, unlike the last time I saw him in Korean Ghost Stories where he played a man with a deadpan (and a dead GF) look thru'out. Geez.. I miss his Lee Mong-ryong days.


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