Thursday, 27 November 2008

Kim Tae-hee and Lee Wan in Salvation Army charity drive

Star siblings: Lee Wan ( left) and elder sister Kim Tae-hee

Kim Tae-hee (Stairway to Heaven) and younger brother Lee Wan are spreading the joy of giving!

The star siblings appeared to the press today to promote the 2008 Salvation Army charity drive.

It's Rain-ing: Lee Wan holds a 'Magic Stick' :-P.

Kind souls can start giving at all Paris Baguette bakeries as the stores will have a donation box specially for the campaign. Why Paris Baguette bakeries? It's because Kim Tae-hee is the spokesperson for the franchise in South Korea.

The charity drive will go on until Dec 31. All proceeds will be donated to the Salvation Army :-).

Elder sis: 28-year-old Kim Tae-hee

Younger bro: 24-year-old Lee Wan
(real name Kim Hyung-soo)

Source: Newsen

Kim Tae-hee loves her Paris Baguette

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Linnéa said...

Really love this blog <3 Your work is awesome, hope you guys will be here for ever ^^

Arin said...

the good looking siblings xD
seriously, I like them both!
They look so adorable together that sometimes I wish they aren't siblings! lol

marie said...

The both have the same nose and eyes...such cute siblings. Wonder which parent they get their looks from?

Anonymous said...

These two are the cutest pair of siblings ever! Love both of them!

hanang. said...

i love them both!!


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