Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Park Eun-hye promotes Detective Mr. Lee

Bouncing back: Park Eun-hye plays a
detective in her new drama

Dae Jang-geum actress Park Eun-hye appears to the press on Nov 17 to promote her spanking new drama Detective Mr. Lee. Park will play a beautiful and intelligent female detective in the crime-solving series.

Lee Tae-gon, Lee Won-jong and Choi Pil-lib will join her in South Korea's first "interactive" drama. The three actors will also be playing investigators.

The 8-episode series allows viewers to not only be recruited for the drama, but also allows them to choose the background music of the show -- I wonder how that works?

Bond wannabe: Lee Tae-gon tries to
look like a smooth operator

Say "kimchi": Choi Pil-lib happily shows
off his pearly whites

Game for a scuffle: Lee Won-jong wants some
knuckle-cracking action

It looks like Park Eun-hye (30), who suffered a miscarriage in Aug this year, is bouncing back after that sad period in her personal life :-). Good for her.

Detective Mr. Lee is scheduled to air over South Korea's Mega TV channel on Nov 21.

Sources: Newsen & Hanfever

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Anonymous said...

FYI, the actor's name is actually Choi Philip.


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