Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Song Seung Hun & Lee Yeon Hee really an item?

East of Eden stars really in love?

I just read on Popseoul that there are rumours floating around that the leads of the high profile drama "East of Eden" are in love - off screen!

So do you think Song Seung-hun (32) and fresh faced actress Lee Yeon-hee (20) make a good couple?

News linking the two stars started when a Korean morning talk show mentioned that on a popular drama, an older more established male star is crazy about his younger female co-star. Hmm...not many options there...

If they are really in love, then i think the bad press surrounding Lee Yeon-hee's acting skills in East of Eden would be more bearable to the young actress. At least she would have her oppa's shoulder to cry on.

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jaejoong_cybershot said...

I definitely love the couple.

aya said...

I knew such a rumor will rise. There were so many BTS showing they adore each other... and, it was SSH who recomended LYH for the role in EOE... I love the couple, evntho its hurt to admit tht LYH's acting was a bit stiff in the beginning. but i really think she gttg better... if the rumor is true, all the best wishes for them :)

Jenny said...

I think they would make a adorable couple. There us some great chemistry on screen at least.
Le yeon hee is very young so of course her acting is a little stiff osmtimes but I think she's improving.

Orchidyaldix said...

I love this couple, besides the age difference they look really good together, both are cute and talented, especially him xD

Arin said...

omg, i agree with all of you.
they are so adorable.
I think 12 years is a very huge gap, but I don't see that in these two.

but oh well, netizens like to speculate a lot of things.
I don't completely believe this but if it's true, then lucky Yeon Hee.
their chemistry on screen is really something, i have to admit that.

cheri said...

They make an interesting couple considering their age gap and their acting experiences.


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