Monday, 3 November 2008

TVXQ takes a Vacation

And so does the K-popped! Trio :-) :-).

Hi guys, since we are a little preoccupied exploring the sights and sounds of Seoul, I’ve prepared reviews on TVXQ’s Vacation drama omnibus to keep ya company :-P (in case we don't get ourselves to a computer while in Korea).

I received the omnibus last Christmas, together with the band’s 3rd album O. Jung. Ban. Hap. The package contained the CD, omnibus DVD and a poster of the guys.

The unfortunate thing is, the DVD only has Chinese subtitles! But seeing how interesting the stories are, I re-watched all four dramas with English subs on YouTube. I enjoyed them tremendously!

Each TVXQ member, except Xiah Junsu and Max Changmin, have their own individual story.

Their stories begin when the TVXQ boys are given a break from each other for two weeks before their grueling concert tour.

Drama: Left to right U-Know in Cassiopeia, Xiah & Max in Beautiful Life,
Hero in The Way U Are and Micky in Eternal.

After watching the omnibus, Hero Jaejoong surprised me as he turned out to be a versatile actor in The Way You Are.

Meanwhile, Xiah Junsu and Max Changmin displayed their comedic timing in the hilarious and entertaining Beautiful Life.

U-Know Yunho's Cassiopeia was a so-so take on a typical K-melodrama while Micky's Eternal had a nice little time warp to it.

And so, let's take a look at TVXQ's Vacation while the K-popped! Trio takes a much-needed vacation (what else?) of their own :-).


Anonymous said...

Have u watch their banjun drama?? Highly recommend!! My fav. - Unforgettable Love & Dangerous Love.

charissa said...

u liked it? really??? oh gawd... now k-popped has lost it's credibility - for me.

k9vc said...

Please send me a big envelope of Seoul air!!!! Have a spectacular trip!!

Vic in Long Beach, CA

dreamscape said...

I thought they all were pretty good in their mini dramas but JJ was the one who blew me away. I never expected him to play dual roles and he executed it neatly. That's why I'm not too worried about his acting in his upcoming drama, "Heaven's Postman"! I think he'll do just fine.

Hanneebuff said...

you're right, it's the drama with the typical korean plot. however, this touched me the most because I know Yunho will really act like this in real life situations. their love for their fans is really tremendous. i also love the song they used here which is found in their second album. i cry whenever i hear it because of the drama. hehe. have a safe trip. i want to go to seoul too.


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