Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Jo In-sung & Joo Jin-mo promote Frozen Flower

Three's company...: (l - r) All smiles are Jo In-sung,
Song Ji-hyo and Joo Jin-mo

The hunky actors play lovers in Frozen Flower, an upcoming epic drama set in the Goryeo Dynasty. The period flick helmed by Yooha (Dirty Carnival, Once Upon a Time in High School) revolves around a love triangle.

The King (Joo Jin-mo) and the leader of his mighty army (Jo In-sung) are childhood friends who grow up to have romantic feelings for each other. But things get wickedly complicated when the King's friend also falls in love with his Queen (Song Ji-hyo)!

Or is it three's a crowd? : Jo In-sung (left) stiffles a yawn as Song Ji-hyo
talks about her role. Joo Jin-mo thinks about what he wants for dinner.

The trio appeared to the press earlier today in Seoul to promote the movie. The film is set to open in South Korea on Dec 30.

Not a happy camper: Joo Jin-mo wishes he was at
home reading a book

Half-hearted wave: 'Yeah, yeah go watch the movie when
it opens.'

Effeminate gestures: Jo In-sung gets into his bisexual character
and executes an effeminate "hwaiting".

Shy: 'Oh, ho ho ho ho...yes, I get naked for
the steamy sex scenes.'

Poised: Song Ji-hyo is the lady who gets caught in the
middle of the love triangle

I think Malaysians can only dream of watching this flick in local theatres :-P. But hey, we can always check out the trailer. Hit the play button below.

Source: Newsen


Orchid said...

I think Joo Jin-mo is hot ~ especially in his 200 pound beauty role. But what happened to him at the press conference? He looks like his mind was someplace else and all his photos turned out bad. It looks like he has long hair now and ties it in a pony tail.

Was this the script he read and immediately wanted the part? I wonder...

jicks said...

JJM hasn't ever really done anything for me... even in 200Pounds Beauty, he was a little "cockish" for me ><"

They all look a lil possessed in tha first pic!!

But it doesn't matter, I would still marry JIS in a heartbeat <33

Anonymous said...

skinny made you more woman but so rude you say toward people effeminate

ultranguik said...

seriously, you guys have the best caption ever! please dont stop your sarcasm
who wouldnt married JIS in a heartbeat? esp after watching those hillarious infinity challenge eps.
i cant wait to see the film

Mina said...

Jo In Sung is my favourite!!! ^^


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