Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Korean Entertainment: Year 2008 ends with a bang!

Wonder Girls in spanish style red hot skirts doing the
tango at the 2008 KBS Music Festival

The Korean Entertainment industry really know how celebrate the year-end. Most of the popular singers or groups have been busy giving concerts - such as Lee Hyori's first solo concert earlier, and JYP's Naughty Party.

Two huge music festivals and one drama awards took place back to back! These three huge events took place recently and K-popped! lovers are spoilt for choice to view their favourite artists perform on television as well as YouTube! Tell me, are you glued to your tv set or computer during the holidays? :-)
  • 2008 SBS Gayo Daejeon (가요대전) - 29th Dec, 2008
  • 2008 KBS Gayo Daechokjae (가요대축제) - 30th Dec, 2008
  • 2008 MBC Acting Awards - 30th Dec, 2008
Jewelry and Wonder Girls on stage

I've been watching some of the clips but have yet to find this clip of the Wonder Girls doing the tango.

Have you found the video clip of this?

Check out the 2008 KBS Music Festival Opening Act
(with Bi, Wonder Girls & Big Bang singing New York New York!).

Latch on to all the Korean entertainment festivities by going to and type in "2008 KBS Music Festival" or "2008 SBS Music Festival" for a list of clips and enjoy!

Pics credit: JK News Korea, Newsen


Arin said...

yeah, these shows are what I've been waiting for every year.
SBS Gayo Daejun was quite entertaining. KBS Gayo Festival is a little bit balanced though, they have equal number of idol groups and trot singers. hah, honestly, it was a bit boring to me but I understand that they wanted to reach to all generations =)
I'm waiting for MBC's tonight!

by the way, MBC Drama Awards 2008 was a bit controversial!
but apart from all that, I like Lee Yeon Hee's opening performance. Obviously she's not a great singer but it was a sweet performance =)
btw, I'm a fan of SSH-LYH no matter how much love & hate they're receiving now.

fizzy said...

1st of all sorry i flooded your inbox with the same emails.
was so excited watching 'korean pop night' @mtv just now.
as i told u in the email,i was envious singaporeans got to see the hallyu stars up close.
among the stars during the concert were jewelery,wonder girls, 2pm,u-kiss,vos etc.
andy from shinhwa,park jung-ah's jewelery and a singaporean dj co hosted the event.

thank god big bang was not there.
if not i'll die of jealousy.. lol

and thanks for making my 2008 interesting.

wawa said...

owh...i watched the sbs gayo daejun! of coz because of TVXQ!!! but the event quite interesting...

Anonymous said...

don't forget kbs drama award today - kbs world astro 303!

Liz said...

Wow, so many shows. I can't keep up :-(.

Happy New Year everyone! *hugs*

Marie said...
The Wonder Girls were doing their rendition of Destiny's Child's "Survivor".

Happy New Year everyone!

nanienooraini said...

d show was on kbsworld last night (30/12/08) and the rerun was today (31/12 11.30 am. did u catch d show? it was awesome!!!! but i wish there were english subs...
nanienooraini ^.^

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Hmmmm. We get KBS America for 3 hours a night, in LA. Last night (Tuesday) we had a year end special, from KBS, and Wonder Girls were there, but they didn't look like that! (Also Rain, Jewelry, Big Bang, SuJu, DBSK/TVXQ all the biggies)

noV said...

i don't think that's tango... it looks more like a flamenco dance...


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