Sunday, 14 December 2008

Oh Ji-ho in charity fashion show

All for a good cause: Actor Oh Ji-ho parades on stage for
designer Park Jong-chul

Oh Ji-ho, Song Jong-ho, Hwangbo, Jo Yeon-woo and Jo Dong-hyuk strut down the catwalk on Dec 12 for a charity fashion show in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The stars showed off a collection by fashion designer Park Jong-chul.

All white: A laidback, casual, white ensemble

All black: A comfortable-looking black number

JK Kim Dong-wook was also there to entertain the crowd with a song...or two.

All proceeds from the show will be donated to a factory building fund to help the poor be more self-sufficient.

Hwangbo in a satin-chiffon dress

Jo Yeon-woo in black....

...and white

Song Jong-ho imagines himself
walking in a straight line

Jo Dong-hyuk struts down the catwalk
with confidence

JK Kim Dong-wook hits all the right notes


Anonymous said...

Hello Liz

Those were lovely photos of stars
strutting their clothes for charity.
Love that white ensemble worn by Oh Ji Ho. He's such a cutie.

Sorry, can't seem to have my password right. Still having a problem.

Thanks once again Liz!!!


Liz said...

Hello Luvlilady, it's OK about the password :-). Thanks for commenting even though you can't remember your sign in :-).


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