Monday, 8 December 2008

Park Jin-hee sparkles for Sweet Lies

Twinkle, twinkle: Park Jin-hee shines like
a Christmas tree bauble

Park Jin-hee (Shadows in the Palace) goes gold for promo pics for her latest rom-com Sweet Lies.

Shiny sheath: Jazzing up the holiday season

Got it?: Like I always say - flaunt it.

Check out a behind the scenes peek of the photoshoot...with her co-stars too.

In the film, Park Jin-hee (30) plays Ji Ho who pretends to be afflicted with amnesia so she could win back her first love Min Woo (played by Lee Ki-woo). Actor Jo Han-Seon also co-stars as Dong Shik.

Sweet Lies is set to cheer up the holiday season as it's scheduled for a Dec 18 release (South Korea-lar, not Malaysia :-P).

Got time? Check out the 1-minute movie trailer below:

Source: Hankooki

Interview with Park Jin-hee

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