Sunday, 21 December 2008

Rain is a cuddly wuddly teddybear

Wanna take Rain to bed? Well, a Rain teddybear, that is (get your mind out of the gutter ;-)).

The absolutely adorable teddy as seen in the pic below is on sale at the Seoul Doll Fair, which will be held from Dec 23 to Jan 1, 2009!

Take me home!: 'Hello I'm Rain Bear.
You know you want me.'

Yes, the 'lil critter is proudly-decked out in Rain's Six to Five. Aww, ain't he cute?! *kiss* *kiss*, wait a minute. What's that furry brown appendage coming out of Rain Bear's pants?! (Orchid just told me its "Magic Stick" heh, yeah).

There are only 625 limited edition Rain Bears for sale. Want a closer look at Rain Bear (and tell me what that extra appendage is)? Then head on down to the Coex Pacific Hall in Samsung-dong, Seoul during the doll fair.

Source: StarNews

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Anonymous said...

Aw! The Rain bear is sooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Kiyopku! Bear is a little scrawny though.

Love the attention to detail they paid to it, right down to the furry thing he attaches to his waist when he performs Only you.

Anonymous said...

Correction :
right down to the furry *accessory he attaches to his waist when he performs Only you.

may C said...

"only 625 limited edition Rain Bears for sale."

^ I am guessing that the number is related to Rain's birthday (25th June) ;)

shinta said...

LOL at "wanna take Rain to bed?"

Yeah of course, and not just the bear, I want the real Rain! LOL..
When will the real Rain be available at the fair for sale? I'm so bidding!!! lol.

아이스Aiseu said...

i want the Rain bear! but...i think i don't have such luck lor...haiz...just keep the picture...^^

Orchid said...

may C, i think you are right about the 625 limited edition! Sounds logical.

Serey said...

Cute bear! I guess the furry thing is suppose to be like a "rabbit's foot" (lucky charm). Does it have to be huge, though???? :-)

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...


rainbowlove88 said...

he is so kewt! I want one and wish they sell it here in malaysia. I will get it as my christmas present.

Anonymous said...

The bear costs USD $350. I saw it yesterday and I almost fainted at the price.

Anonymous said...

I was at the doll fair too and saw the teddy bear. I should have guessed that Rain does not come cheap. After he rips off his shirt, he rips his fans off -__- ... or whoever priced that bear.

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

The U$D 350.00 is probably to help pay for therapy for the poor critter.


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