Friday, 5 December 2008

The Trio treks (sorta) to N Seoul Tower on Namsan

N Seoul Tower - Seoul's iconic communication tower smacked in the center of the city. It's surely not the tallest building around these days, but perched atop Namsan, N Seoul Tower boasts a clear 360ยบ view of Seoul. Here's our little photo story of our day at Namsan Park.

N Seoul Tower in the distance.
Rooster: Let's walk there!

Orchid strips to her shirt in mid-November while walking to
N Seoul Tower on
Namsan. It's a real work out!

These Namsan steps hold a special place in the
hearts of many MLSS drama fans.

Orchid: Pose! Pose like Jin-heon and Samsoon! Please, pleaasee.
Rooster: *click*click*click*
Liz: Maybe if I keep fiddling with my bag she'll give up...
*Note: For the record, we don't swing that way.
And even if we did, that would be incestuous! Eew!

Liz: Are we there yet?
Rooster checks the map to see how lost we really are.

Rooster & Orchid are lost in Namsan Park!

400m to the cable car station, 1,160m to N Seoul Tower.
Rooster: Okay, let's not walk to N Seoul Tower.
Liz & Orchid: YA, good idea.

Rooster & Orchid show the way to the Cable Car station

Liz and Rooster board the cable car for N Seoul Tower.

Beautiful red leaves of autumn on Namsan.

N Seoul Tower through the autumn trees.

Rooster points and shoots

The Trio stop by the Teddy Bear Museum at the base of N Seoul Tower.

Teddy Bear Mona Lisa. I feel Da Vinci writhing in his grave.

View from the top. Looking at Seoul from N Seoul Tower.

Rooster & Orchid enjoying the bird's eye view of Seoul

The K-popped! Trio striking poses at N Seoul Tower.

  • KRW7,000 for a return ride on the cable car.
  • KRW7,000 admission ticket for N Seoul Tower observation deck.
Getting to N Seoul Tower:
  • Take subway line 1 or 4 to Seoul Station and leave the station at Exit 10.
  • We walked to the cable car station. It's a pretty long walk, I suggest taking a cab.
  • Alternatively, you can take line 3 or 4 to Chungmuro station and take the Namsan yellow bus line (KRW800) to the cable car. I'm not too sure how this bus line runs so get more info before trying this route. ;)


fraulein said...

Love this entry! thanks!

Liz said...

Ha ha ha good grief, the My Lovely Samsoon pic is in here.

An ajusshi was actually starring at us when we were doing that pose.

Nozomi said...

Those shirts are cute. I think I would be embarressed doing the MLSS pose with another girl. Really nice pictures.

hanang. said...

im really curious about the trio's ages thoughhhhhh
its soo awesome dat they reallly got to go to KOREA!!

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

I have to ask. With that "Kuala Lumpur" sign in the final frame, are you sure that isn't the Menara?

Rooster said...

@ hanang: We're old enough to be discreet about our ages. ;p

@ Vic in Long Beach, CA: Haha, you're right. But honestly, I haven't been up the Petronas or KL towers. And I'm a KL girl! lol.

Liz said...

I've been up to KL Tower!...but I have not been up to the Petronas Twin Towers.

Hee hee...maybe we can go together the next time you are back in Malaysia, Rooster ;-).

Huda Y said... guys are awesome. I will surely trackback your travel posts when I go to Korea. So jealous right now!

Anonymous said...

There's that cute tee!!!

Anonymous said...

did you guys go to the same Bear Museum from the one in Goong?

if so... jealous!

Orchid said...

Yeah we went to the bear museum! :-)

M : said...

Namsan Park ? :O
Namsan Cable Car ?
That's Namsam Tower!!
:D Heheh, im just a big fan of kdrama 'Boys Over Flowers' :)

ps: u're so lucky. I wish I could go to Korea *sigh*


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