Wednesday, 24 December 2008

U-Know Yunho shows off sexy bod

Cassiopeias, are you drooling yet?

Leader of red hot boyband TVXQ (or DBSK) U-Know Yunho is striking sexy poses for Single.

The 22-year-old's sizzlin' pics will appear in the January issue of the fashion glossy.

Here's one more pic for ya. Happy holidays! Ho Ho Ho....

Source: Hankooki

Micky and Yunho takes interest in fashion

2008 Golden Disk Awards - Red Carpet

Asia Aid Concert 2008


비비안 said...

Yes, He really did make alot of girls drooling~~~

Me!!! I am one of them... ottoke!!! why him!! omg!!!!

Damn sexy.....

Thanks for sharing it

mackers said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Yunho would become an underwear model someday. :)

Anonymous said...

Though I might sound like a perv but this really made my day. Dang, He's freaking hot. Why can't he be Heard a rumor that they are coming to Malaysia nxt yr. Is it true?If it is, I am so going to be there. Can't wait to see that SEXY body live. LMAO .

yin said...

my mouth .. immediately went :O
as soon as i saw THAT pic .


wawa said...

yunho & jaejoong's pix for the mags are the hottest! :nosebleed:

Anonymous said...

♥which photoshoot or files are these pix from? and if it come from a mag. can someone tell me... I saw alot of pix like these... But idk where it is from and.. btw.. JUNG YUNHO IS SO HAWT! hahahah *perverted thoughts lol*♥


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