Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Yoon Kye-sang holds fan meeting

A year older: 'Yeah, I just turned 29. C'est la vie, huh?'

Singer/actor Yoon Kye-sang held a fan meeting/ birthday party/ Christmas celebration with fans on Dec 21 in Seoul.

The erstwhile g.o.d. member spent precious moments with about 300 fans, 100 of which were from Japan.

Am I famous?: To gauge his popularity, Kye-sang
decides to count the fans who turned up

Happiness is...: Getting presents!

More pressies!: 'Oh hey cool, I've always wanted
this porcelain tea set. Thanks!' :-P

The talent, who turned 29 on Dec 20, will be publishing a photo book on Turkey. Before embarking on his tour of Turkey, Yoon took photography lessons from a professional for 6 months.

Apart from that, the 6 Years in Love actor is also set to star in the MBC drama series entitled Triple. He portrays an advertisement director in the series, which is directed by Lee Yoon-jung (the helmer for 2007 hit drama series Coffee Prince).

Triple is scheduled to air in South Korea in May 2009.

Birthday cake: 'Yeah, I got these special order
of cupcakes too because I just lurve them.'

Source: Hankooki

Kim Ha-neul is 6 Years in Love
Bi spotted at 6 Years in Love screening


iena said...

I love his acting in 'Who are you' with Go Ara....sweet story....

Orchid said...

I went to Turkey too! How come no one offered to publish a photo book of my travels :-P

Anonymous said...

Wow, he looks really really different.


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