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2008 KBS Drama Awards - Highlights

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Yoona shed tears of joy as she accepts her award for Best New Actress

Thanks to a tip from our reader, i tuned in to the 2008 KBS Drama Awards on KBS World on the 31st December 2008. It's the only awards we Malaysian's get to watch on TV (I mean we don't get to watch the SBS or MBC award shows). But since it is broadcast to us live or only with a slight delay, there were no subtitles. So you'd just have to take a guess at what awards were given out.

The Winners

19 year-old Yoona (You Are My Destiny) was the big winner for the night as she got two awards for her work in her debut drama. Yoona won the Best New Actress award as well as the Netizen Award. Many were excited when Yoona (of Girls Generation) would be appearing in a daily drama series. I guess she proved to all that she can indeed act and belong to a pop group.

Kang Ji Hwan (Hong Gil Dong) who was touted to win Best Actor settled for the Netizen Award instead. Song Il Gook (Kingdom of the Wind) was awarded Best Actor.

Kang Ji Hwan (Hong Gil Dong) and Yoona (You Are My Destiny)
more popular via Internet voting - they won the Netizen Award

Most Honoured:
The prestigeous Daesang Award went to
Kim Hye Ja (Mom's Dead Upset).
Kim is seen here accepting her award flanked
by the hosts for the night.

Best couple(s):
Kim Yong Gun & Jang Mi Hee (Mom’s Dead Upset),
Song Il Gook & Choi Jung Won(Kingdom of the Wind),

Kang Ji Hwan & Sung Yuri (Hong Gil Dong)

Here's a closer look at Kang Hi Hwan and Sung Yuri
~ everyone's fave couple in Hong Gil Dong

Best Actress went to Kim Ji Soo (Women of the Sun)

Worlds Within winners:
Bae Jong-ok (Supporting Actress)
Eom Ki-joon (Supporting Actor)

The performances

What was really entertaining was when bonafide actors took to stage and danced to Nobody (Wonder Girls) and Honey (JYP).

Liz and i laughed and laughed because the actors were definitely not trained dancers and they were not afraid to make a fool of themselves. They are such good sports! Check out the stills below. I bet this was one of your favourite moments in the awards show too!

Don't be fooled, that ain't the Wonder Girls. Actresses perform Nobody.
Why didn't they get five ladies?

From left: Lee Pil-mo (You Are My Destiny),
Park Jae Jeong (You Are My Destiny),
Yoona (You Are My Destiny)
Jung Kyeo-woon (Women of the Sun) attempts JYP's Honey.

The men were hilarious and of course Yoona danced wonderfully.

Ha ha ha...

Jung was gawky, Park appeared clumsy
and Lee...wasn't bad actually!

Everyone comes out for the finale and Park collapses in exhaustion.

The giant handkerchief dress

Everyone was dressed most exquisitely except Han Ji Hye, who appeared clad in a giant white handkerchief.

The burning question

Why weren't the leads in KBS' most talked about drama - Worlds Within not present? Where were Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo?

For a full list of winners (in English), go here: KBS Drama Awards.

Pics credit: Newsen

KBS Drama Awards - Song Il Kook, Best Actor


Liz said...

Ha ha ha, the actors' dance performance was the most entertaining! Loved it. Two thumbs up!

fraulein said...

Women of the Sun was the big winner of the night.

nanienooraini said...

yeah... the actors' dancing was hilarious!!! look like they lacked practice or simply untalented in dancing! but at least yi pil meo was not bad... he looked enthusiastic!

Anonymous said...

Since I'm 140 episodes into "You are my Destiny" I was VERY shocked to see most of them bustin' a move here....

but what was the deal with Park Jae Jeong's hair? All night I kept thinking he would fix it......nope.



Anonymous said...

Kang Ji Hwan and Sung Yuri look so gorgeous together! She also won the popularity award! Congrats to these two hotties!

jocelyn said...

ha ha ! looks very entertaining!!
where can i watch the awards show? .. with english subtitles? ^^
does anyyone know why hyun bin and song hye kyo not there? i love them!!

Anonymous said...

i'm guessing they weren't there because the world they live in had really poor ratings. i don't think a single episode got into double digits for ratings.

anyway, i'm loving the new layout!

Anonymous said...

that nite i watched both - kbs drama awards (tv) as well as sbs drama awards (online)...

guys, appreciate if can u review other drama awards - kbs and mbc or just a highlight with the list of the winners :)
wanna see lee jun ki with his trophies (he won 3 awards that nite.. congrats!!).

Anonymous said...

SHG in China and HB abroad also

wawa said...

i manage to catch d dance performance!
my mom was very excited to see park jaejung...
well, it was fun to watch actors danced... :p

rawrsa said...

aww.. I missed their show >.<
anyway do you have any link for video? I wanted to see Yoona and Park dancing..

Anonymous said...

actually, KBS Drama Awards have this tradition that nominees for best new actor/actress perform on the stage to, I guess, entertain their sunbae actors and actresses. that's why those newbies were performing for the night. lol also, why worlds within wassn;t even mentioned, well bc it wasn't popular at all. It's very typical with the drama award shows to do this actually. I was mad when they didn't even mention "three dad one mom"...poor was his last drama before he went to serve his army duty...and year 2007, they didn't even mention "devil" which was nominated as the most well-made drama of that year with coffee prince and the time of wolf and dog just bc it was not popular.


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