Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies model at fashion show

The TV talk show participants turn catwalk models sashayed down the runway in celebration of Australia Day, which falls on Jan 26.

The event was organised by the Australian Embassy in South Korea and Woolmark, an Australian wool company.

Blowing kisses: Bianca Mobley (left) and
Bronwyn Mullen show the audience some love

The ladies who took part in the show included Bianca Mobley (USA), Anais Julienne (France), Cristina Confalonieri (Italy), Bronwyn Mullen (South Africa) and Eva Popiel (Britain).

The girls donned apparel designed by Australian designers such as Gina Kim, Sabatini White, Helen Kaminski, Kirrily Johnston and Billabong. Check out more pictures below:

Bronwyn looks like she's all set for a
day at the race tracks.

It's just another paying gig for Bronwyn
as she nonchalantly walks the runway.

Bianca looks all set for a day at the park

Cristina Confalonieri looks like a working *cough*
girl in this cheap-looking ensemble

Anais Julienne relaxes in Billabong's
casual wear

Good grief, who let this jailbird
loose on the catwalk?

Yes Eva Popiel, you really need the love after
the prison uniform you put on earlier

Source: Newsen

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|| Lyññ || said...

OMG! What happened to Eva? Haven't seen here for quite sometime on the show... she's really pretty but these ppl dress her up so yucky...
I love Browyn as well! I like the way she talks... SO CUTE!!!
tq for the pics!!

joker13 said...

bianca is soo cute!

jane1619 said...

i absolutely love anais julienne, but...the stylist that styled her was...horrible...but still anais is still so beautiful.


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