Sunday, 11 January 2009

Fly to the Sky celebrates 10th anniversary

Birthday boys: Brian Joo (left) and Hwanhee blow out the candles
on their anniversary/ birthday cake

Whoa, they’ve been in the entertainment industry for 10 years already? They are early bloomers, I tell ya. On Jan 10, Fly to the Sky duo Brian Joo and Hwanhee celebrated their 10th anniversary. They debuted in 1999.

The pair held a party-cum-fan meeting at the Grand Hilton Seoul Hotel at 6.30pm. In addition to that, the pair also celebrated their birthdays with their fans! Brian turned 28 on Jan 10 while Hwanhee will turn 27 on Jan 17.

A decade together: 'Yes, yes, we still love and respect each
other after all these years....'

Cake cutting:'...but that doesn't mean I can't sever the head on that
Mini-Me doll of yours, Brian! Bwah ha ha ha ha.'

During the party, the pair announced that they were in the midst of completing their 8th album. The long player is set to hit stores at the end of Jan.

You know, while in Seoul last November, we bought Fly to the Sky’s Recollection album…and I absolutely lurve it. The entire album is in both my MP3 players!

I’ve always enjoyed Hwanhee’s strong vocals and needless to say, my fav song off the Recollection album is his solo rendition of 소원 (what does that mean in English? Babelfish tells me it’s “Estranged”. Also, where can I find an English translation of the lyrics? It’s such a beautiful track.)

Fly to the Sky’s 8th album is definitely worth a listen when it is released. All the best guys! And oh, Happy Birthday!

Q&A session: 'And this is from Liz K-popped of Malaysia. She asks: Hwanhee,
can you please give me the name and number of your plastic surgeon?'

Touched: An overwhelmed fan gets a moment with Hwanhee

Fan service 1: The boys hold a (mild) naughty party...yeah,
like JYP or Seung-ri ;-)

Fan service 2: Oh c'mon guys, this is still so G-rated

Source: MSN News

Hwanhee spotted at airport

Fly to the Sky 10th Anniversary Album - Recollection


Anonymous said...

Brian has dragonball hair.

cheri said...

Brian's face looks kind of tired.
Anyway,Happy Anniversary Hwanhee & Brian !

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

FTTS has been around since fifteen minutes after mud was invented. But you never hear of scandals, or other mayhem with them. A talented, very classy group!!

Anonymous said...

Joke. Why the cake look so much like a wedding cake ? LOL

StaphyFoo said...

Happy Anniversary FTTS!!! How i wish i can find someone to be partner with at work and still remain the chemistry after a decades~~These boys rock the industry WOW!! Oh try to listen to their others albums in the past~~i swear none of the track will disappointed you~~coz i have all their albums ^^

jacA said...

happy anniversary and


Anonymous said...

cyndy, what are you talking about? Liz wrote this story not Orchid. Read properly.

아이스Aiseu said...

I love listening to theirs! If you ask me,what is my favourite male group,i would say is FTTS!

Dottie said...

I LOVE FTTS and I love Hwanhee as he was... but he's so happy now so I'm glad for him.

A decade... that's nuts! People don't stay married for that long! I guess that's why it looks like a wedding cake. Hahaha... brian in hilarious.

jicks said...

^lol yeah 10 yrs on the entertainment industry is like an eternity.

i heart FTTS <33333

happy birthday boys! can't wait to hear the new album XDD

cyndy said...

Happy Birthday to the boys too... Love them always!!

cyndy said...

to Anonymous, I am sorry but Orchid was the one who send me the url so I replied to Orchid. My mistake. Mian Hae.. Thanks Liz & Orchid for the great piece of news.

Liz said...

Huh, what? Hey no probs cyndy. Am happy you like the news :-)


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