Friday, 9 January 2009

Lotte World

Sure, we were in Seoul last year (November 2008), but we’re not done blogging about it yet!

During our trip, the Trio reserved a full day for fun at Lotte World to get in touch with our inner child. Gee, I haven’t been to an amusement park in over a decade. The last time the 3 of us went to one together was Pesta Port Dickson back when some of you reading this blog were still crawling around in your diapers and drooling all over the place. If you know Pesta PD way back then, you’d remember what crap it was.

Adventure Land in Lotte World.

Orchid planning which rides we should go on first.

Lotte World is divided into two sections – Adventure Land (an indoor park) and Magic Island (an outdoor park). Start your fun in Adventure Land and make your way to Magic Island then come back to Adventure Land by 9pm to catch the laser light show before leaving Lotte World.

Traditional dances and other performances at the open theater in Adventure Land.

Liz in Rooster on the carousel.
Hmm, looks like we're the only unaccompanied minors on this ride. ;p

One thing I noticed in Seoul - every bare wall must be inked!

So we joined in as well. While in Rome, do what the Romans do, right?
Note to self
: pack good quality markers on next trip to Seoul.

Rooster loves sideshows because they don't make her puke.

Lotte World's impressive laser light & fire show begins every night at 9pm.

I wouldn’t recommend putting Lotte World in your “must do” list when you visit Seoul unless you really want to. We put it on our list because, hey, we’re on holiday and we’re going to have fun!

What we spent:
  • Full day pass for one adult and entry to all rides: KRW31,500
  • Lunch at a burger stall: KRW25,000
  • Dinner at the Lotte World food court for 3: KRW12,000. Big portions and great for sharing.
  • Snacks: KRW1,000/box of really yummy buttered roasted squid.

Getting there:
From downtown Seoul metro, take the Green Line and stop at Jamsil station.

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Anonymous said...

Lotte world reminds me of stairway to heaven... :D

Orchid said...

@Anonymous yeah one of the main reasons i wanted to go to Lotte World was because of Stairway to Heaven. KSW's character owns the place! hahaha. Also because of Full House ~ when Bi and SHK went there at nights to ice skate on her birthday! Because of the dramas, i wanted to go and see the place for myself!

Clammy said...

Oh man! I rode my first loop roller coaster here as a kid! I also got the highest score they had ever seen at the time on some weird laser game where you shoot at giant projected targets on the wall that you play against other people for a prize!

Rooster said...

My favourite memory of Lotte World were watching those businessmen in full suits going down the log flume ride. That was really weird. Weird and hilarious!

I guess they were on a business trip.

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Liz and Rooster have tails?????

peepoo said...

hmm, that laser show sure does remind me of Disneyworld Epcot Center's fireworks show..but on a much smaller scale. i wonder if that's where they got their inspiration....

Lisa said...

May i know how much did u guys spend for the trip? from flight ticket to accommodation, food etc?

Liz said...

Oh ha ha ha, I remember Pesta PD! It sucked alright.

A performing elephant stopped by to sniff me once during one of the Pesta PDs. I was at a perfume stall and suddenly, this rather hairy trunk was brushing against my arm - got the shock of my life.

Lotte World was OK. I enjoyed the Pharoah Adventure ride...or whatever you call it. That was fun - the ride was a simulated jeep ride through rough terrain. No wonder the line for that ride was so long :-).

Orchid said...

hi Lisa, read entries on our trip and the comments. Some have already asked those questions you asked and your questions will be answered there...

Orchid said...

Liz i think it is called Pharoah's Fury!

cheri said...

That place sure is huge !

ana said...

"some of you reading this blog were still crawling around in your diapers"
i suddenly remember something i always curious.. how old are u guys?

Rooster said...

@ ana: We're not that old yet if that's what you're wondering. ;p

Liz said...

Ah yes, Pharoah's Fury it was, Orchid! Thanks. That was fun!

ana said...


cowbella said...

didn't go to lotteworld whilst i was there. end up going to everland instead 75000 won for 1 full day pass....

you should try going on was 1 hell of a scary ride. momo didn't even want to open up her eyes during the whole ride....heheheh

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz, Orchid and Rooster!

Thanks for blogging on your trip. My little brother and I are going to Seoul for a 4-day vacation (via Japan) in November. All planned, it would be my high school graduation gift to him. We live here in San Diego, CA.

Truthfully, I'm planning to copy most of your daily plans/trips to make it easier for me, so I'm printing everything you've discussed, such as your trip to Seoul Tower, your hotel (I've checked, there are available rooms still), some of the resto you went to (including Coffee Prince's especially for me) and now Lotte (for my brother). So many thanks to your for practically planning our trip for us! You are much appreciated.

Some questions, though. Was it hard to get back to the hotel that late after your trip to Lotte? Are there buses running that late? Is it safe? Thanks again!

Orchid said...

@anonymous, that's such a lovely graduation present. Your little brother is so lucky to have you for a sister. :-D

It wasn't hard to get back to the hotel at all. We took the subway. From Lotte World (Jamsil subway station), just take the subway to Jongno-3-ga. Doulos hotel is within walking distance from Jongno-3-ga subway stop. You don't even have to take a cab or bus! It's very easy.

Seoul seemed very safe to me. =)

Liz said...

Hello Anonymous above Orchid,'re going to Seoul with your younger bro. I hope you guys have the best-est of fun! :-P

Yup, like what orchid said, no need to worry about buses or cabs when the subway brings you right to the doorstep of your destinations.

Seoul is relatively safe compared to our city (KL). So fear not and enjoy your holiday in Seoul :-).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my questions! You guys are the best! :)

mahirah said...

hello there, i just wanna ask something..were u girls on holidays? for how many days and how much is the estimate budget to visit korea? Which is cheaper, travelling ourself or with the tour package..Because im planning to visit korea at the end of this year. Hopefully... =)

Rooster said...

@ mahirah: We were in Soul for a 10 day holiday and we each spent approximately RM2,000 (Lodging, food, shopping. Ticket NOT included). You could say we splurged because our hotel wasn't the cheapest around.

Tour packages are definitely much much cheaper and you won't have to crack your head researching and planning on where to go. But where's the fun in that? ;p


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