Saturday, 31 January 2009

Song Seung-hyun is new FT Island member

He replaces guitarist Oh Won-bin (pic, left).

Whoa so much has happened in K-pop land during our absence.

While the K-popped! Trio were enjoying the cool weather up in the highlands – feasting on scones, drinking tea as well as munching on maize and strawberries, we get this news – FT Island – the band that cancelled their concert in Malaysia at the last minute – has a new line up.

Oh Won-bin bid adios to his bandmates and Song Seung-hyun was named his replacement almost immediately.

The FT Island boys – together with their new member – are currently working on a comeback mini album scheduled for release in mid-February.

Hello newbie: Song Seung-hyun replaces Won Bin

Are you an FT Island diehard? What do you think about the turn of events?


♥DiNaStI许汉聪♥ said...

i'm so surprise when i hear this news...
as FT island's fan...
all we can do is:
1)accept this new member...
2)keep support them...
3)welcome him to FT Island...

anyway,i still miss Wonbin,just like all of FTI's fans... right?

KKVL said...

this is just SSSAAAADDDD.... really...i know i've said it countless times tat as long as it's the right thing for em and tat they're happy.. i'm alright with watever decision..but this is just sooo shocking..i would've taken it better if it was an addition of a new member..not a replacement like this...sigh...

to me..wonbin will NEVER replaced..i won't make any judgement on this new member ( yes i still refuse to use his name till today..) till at least i hear him sing..perform..and stuff...

this almost immediate replacement is like this analogy i made in my blog:

it's like as if some rich old guy died the night before..and by the break of dawn..the newly widowed wife's marrying another man and the kids are all happy for the newly wed...and after the cake ceremony they're all headed for the lawyer's office to claim the old man's fortune..the newly wed husband in towed..all smiles and happy... it's just wrong...

sorry for the long post..hehe..

silverchainsaw said...

Wonbin T_T
but lets welcome the new member yea..
wonbin hwaitinggggg

|| Lyññ || said...

It's sad... I thought I could at least see the ori members perform live... now I will nvr get to see Won Bin perform with FTI... I love it when he raps... =)

All we can do it wait for the album and see how this new kid will do...

FTI and Won Bin, fighting!!

Anonymous said...

realy sad..
and also right now. i feel i wanna cry again..
wonbin is my fav in f.t island..
i cannot understand why hw want to leave the boys just because of the small thing..

but he looks so happy..
i wonder what make him happy and we SAAAAAAD.. T_T

even someone replaced him..
no one will be replaced him from my deep heart
wonbin na..

yin said...

im not a DIE HARD fan .
like seriously, dont kill me.
i dont even know all of the members names . :x
easiest to remember for me is Hongki.
but i do love their songs .

wadeva it is, i just really hope
it doesnt make too drastic a change to their music .
and hope they get along well . ^^

Anonymous said...

OMG! Is this really true?im still confuse and i didnt blive this when i read this news im heart brokenT_Twho noes this will b happen?im big FAN of dz guy n love their song especially raps of wonbin i noe he also hv hrd decision imagine hw clse thy r?hweva we jz wlcme dz nw guy opz im forget his name=p

LIL' IF said...

Im a huge fan of Ft island . and yes , i do love won bin as much as other fans do . But , you have to accept seung hyun . He's now one of my favorite in Ft island (: . Seung hyun , hwaiting .

Kimiko said...

This is rather shocking, and of course, SAD.
It can NEVER be the same without our old, lovable Oh Won Bin~

Song Seung Hyun looks nice, but it'll be better of Won Bin didn't leave, and Seung Hyun could just be an additiob to the group.

It's just to bad, but I'm sure that this makes Won Bin happier.
It's not that they kicked him out of the group or anything :)

Let's just hope fot the best.

shahirahgurlzz said...

i miss won bin but after i listen to their new song & watch their show, I started to love seunghyun..

Tan Jiayi said...

I am not a die hard fan. and in the past i seriously dont give a shit about ft island. but now, i am starting to notice ft island because of seung hyun. seung hyun is hilarious and amazingly cheerful. who doesnt love him?


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