Thursday, 1 January 2009

You Are My Destiny ends its run

KBS 1 TV's daily drama You Are My Destiny (너는 내운명) cast and crew celebrated the completion of the drama on the 31st Dec, 2008 afternoon, at the KBS building lobby in Yeuido, Seoul.

Ah finally! My mom has been tuning in to watch this family drama almost without fail on weekdays at 7:20pm for so long that i thought it will never end! ;-)

The cast of You Are My Destiny - Yoona, Park Jae Jeong, Lee Ji Hoon, Gong Hyeon Ju, Lee Pil Mu, Jang Yoong and Cham Seok Hae were present at the party of sorts.

In Korea, You Are My Destiny which has a total of 178 episodes was first aired on 5th May 2008. The final episode will be aired on 9th January 2009. What drama takes over this weekday slot? We shall have to wait and see.

On screen rivals:
Gong Hyeon Ju and Yoona are
really pals off screen

Kim Jeon Nan and Lee Pil Mu play
husband and wife in the drama
[Both of them won Best Actor and Best Actress
in a Daily Drama at the 2008 KBS Drama Awards]

Fashion forward Lee Ji Hoon plays
Kim Tae Pyung in the drama!

Source & pics credit: Newsen

You Are My Destiny starts showing in Malaysia
Lee Ji-hoon & friends entertain families in Gunsan


Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

My significant other is totally HOOKED on "Destiny". I've already started teasing her about how it ends! (She thinks I have "insider info"! "the Butler did it") I'm going to dread the 9th of January. Whoa is me! LOL!!

Liz said...

Lee Ji-hun doesn't look like a happy camper at that party. Tee hee hee.

Like my new profile pic? I'm so cute! hee hee

Orchid said...

Hi we know you have a significant other! :-) ...who's hooked on You are My Destiny. :-D

@Liz, yes your new profile pic is very cute!!!

nanienooraini said...

i'm a fan of you're my destiny & my precious you :) not so much on historical drama series (yawnnn hehehe)...jeez... yesterday's episode on kbsworld... is that saebyeok's long lost mom? eikkk, she looks arrogant-lah! can't wait to see what happens... dun tell me saebyeok tak jadi kawin plak nanti...

nanienooraini said...

jeez, saebyeok's biological mom is filthy rich!

chajjye said...

the new show coming up is the road home acted by eom ki-joon, one of the directors in worlds within...

and i am looking forward to that more than the ending of yamd...its getting a little draggy already.

wawa said...

this drama really an addiction!
me & my mom, we will make sure we will reach before 7.20pm everyday from work so we can catch it...
but can't believe it is almost end!!

@chajjye... wow! looking forward to d drama that will replace YAMD! i'm kinda like eom ki-joon in WW :p

joker13 said...

my whole family watch YAMD.Its basically my drug now. I almost give my friend a sucker punch for getting myself late for watching this show.hahaha..weird isnt it?


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