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45th Baeksang Arts Awards: The Flower Boys F4

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The Flower Boys
Clockwise from top left: Kim Bum, Kim Hyun-joong,
Kim Jun
and Lee Min-ho at the 45th Baeksang Arts Awards

Oh what a night it must have been for The Flower Boys -- Kim Bum, Lee Min-ho, Kim Hyun-joong and Kim Jun.

Both Lee Min-ho and Kim Hyun-joong walked away with awards that night. Lee Min-ho picked up Best New Actor for his role as Go Jun-pyo, leader of the F4 while the sensitive new-age man Kim Hyun-joong walked away with the Popularity Award. This award could have well gone to another very popular F4 member - Kim Bum. Don't you agree? Twenty year old Kim Bum carries himself with devastating sophistication and charm that at times, outshines the rest.

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The boys look dashing in tuxedos on the Red Carpet.
Kim Jun stands out in his slim tie instead of the normal bow tie.

Kim Hyun-joong dreamily reaches out to touch fans

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Kim Bum is dashing and debonair in his double breasted suit

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Min-ho, is that you? There's no time for acrobatics on the Red Carpet...

The fantastical night didn't pass on without a boo boo though. Lee Min-ho was so nervous he tripped and fell on the Red Carpet. Rising fast to superstardom in his lead role as Go Jun-pyo in Boys Before Flowers (currently Korea's most popular TV drama), Lee Min-ho was rather nervous attending his first awards ceremony. Not used to having so many pairs of eyes on him, the 22-year-old actor missed a step on the Red Carpet, tripped and fell. He nonchalantly laughed it off and walked on after that. No worries Min-ho, we still love you! :-)

Orchid is now having a Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde moment as she contemplates posting embarrassing photos of Min-ho tripping. Hmmm...i'm not posting, however, hit this link on ISplus to take a look.

The boys took their seat in the great Olympic park auditorium where the awards ceremony was held on the 27th Feb with the help of none other than ALF fashion designer - Andre Kim!

Andre Kim : Okay folks, these are the Flower Boys
and they will be sitting here. Hey you on the mobile phone!!
Pay attention when i'm talking...

They enjoyed watching Girls Generation perform and Kim Bum who sat next to Min-ho shared something funny with his hyung.

Kim Bum: Are you still thinking of how you fell just now?
Snap out of it hyung...

Kim Hyun-joong and Yoon-ah both won the Popularity Award.
Both are also singers who belong to groups.
Yoon-ah in Girl's Generation and Kim Hyun-joong in SS501.

Kim Hyun-joong accepts his award and his
SS501 bandmates arrive to congratulate

Kim Bum, Kim Hyun-joong and Lee Min-ho onstage

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Lee Min-ho accepting his award for Best New Actor

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One for the album

Photo Sessions and After-award interviews

Popularity Award Winners

Group Photo!

Then there was a backstage interview session with Yoon-ah (Best New Actress & Popularity Award) and Min-ho won the Best New Actor award.

Pics credit: ISplus, Newsen

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Amane said...

typo mistake! ^^
Hyun-joong & Hyung joon!

they all looks so gorgeous in the ceremony. ^^ thanks!

Liz said...

Oh, poor Lee Min-ho tripping and falling...worst nightmare come to life!

But it's OK, we still love ya loads Min-ho sshi. If anything, it just goes to show that you're as human (and clumsy) as any of us :-) *muaks*

nanienooraini said...

when can we see this award show on kbsworld?

daisyjane said...

I was rooting for Kim Bum to win most Popular.

Anonymous said...

Yoon-ah is the big winner. She won so many awards for her debut drama! ♥

wawa said...

omo.... glad that he won that!!! he deserved it though...

arghhhh... he tripped & fall!!! well, it is someting for him to remember on his 1st time attending award ceremony.... hwaiting Min-ho ssi~~~

xOxstrawberriexOx said...

As always, our dashing F4 steal the limelight!

As for Yoona, as usual, she looks beautiful... but, her dress looks like one for prom and not for the red carpet. She should wear a nice bold color: midnight blue, red, or even olive green....

Miss Healerzz said...

kekekekeke~ the last two piccies looks like Prom Night's Queen n King to me~~ lol!
Minho was a 'flying squirrel' at the red carpet!! This one is a must see 2009!!! XD


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