Monday, 2 February 2009

Big Show Concert (Big Bang)

Big Bang performed to a sold out concert called Big Show in Seoul on the 30th January, 2009. The concert was held at Seoul's Olympic Park Stadium. Big Bang members are reported to be very happy with the show and thanked their fans for the awesome support and love.

Big Bang wooed the crowd with their charm and charisma on stage

Wearing their FILA shirts

Another pic in their FILA shirts

Daesung's turn to shine

The Big Bang band
(tongue twister practice: say it fast 5 times!)

A very lucky Big Bang fan

Pics credit: Newsen, Hankooki


hyperX said...

Oh gosh... They are handsome!

Anonymous said...

i hope the dvd for this live will be released as soon as possible. I love Big Bang and their lives ... so energetic and fun.


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