Wednesday, 18 February 2009

BoA 'Did It For Love'

Following Eat You Up, the young and successful BoA (23) is set to launch her brand new single I Did It For Love, which features singer/ songwriter/ record producer Sean Garrett.

Ambition: BoA is set to take the
US of A by storm

The track is taken off her self-titled English album BoA, which will be in stores on March 17, 2009. The long-player will be simultaneously released in the US, South Korea and Japan.

The MV for I Did It For Love was shot in Los Angeles in the 2nd week of February by famed video director Joseph Khan, who helmed Pussycat Dolls' When I Grow Up, Britney Spears’ Womanizer and U2’s Stuck in a Moment -- just to name a few.

Here, check out this 1min 30sec sample of BoA's spanking new track and tell us what you think of it? Is it chart-topping material?

I Did It For Love (Feat. Sean Garrett) CLIP - BoA

If you like it a whole lot, you can pre-order BoA's album at Amazon.


daisyj said...

It seems this song was leaked out to the Internet earlier and SM Entertainment is angry about this.

Now we can all listen to BoA's new song. I love the Internet!

Tyler said...

The song isn't that nice. No thanks.

peepoo said...

i like the song but HATE the voice tuner! i guess i'm just not a BoA fan b/c i think this song would be really good if sung by someone else with a better natural voice and no accent.

Anonymous said...

This will be another "American debut" that falls flat, just wait. Nobody in the States cares about this.

Anonymous said...

even though i like the song "I'll eat you up" i really don't like this song at all, it started getting annoying .

port87 said...

sup I just posted the US debut album onto my blog.


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