Monday, 16 February 2009

Boys Before Flowers comes to Malaysia

Fellow Malaysians, are you ready for this? Highly-popular Korean drama Boys Before Flowers is set to start airing on the KBS network (Astro Channel 303) TONIGHT.

Oh yeah, bring it - bad perm and all.

Tune in tonight (Feb 16, 2009) for the show

Don’t say we didn’t tell you on this Monday (Feb 16) afternoon ;-). Boys Before Flowers takes over the dull Worlds Within time slot.

This means, you’ve got to make a date with the telly every Monday and Tuesday at 9pm.

What to do if you miss it? Catch the re-runs on Sundays @ 12.10pm -- 2.30pm.

Sources: K-popped! readers Yuu iciviuja hikaru & Anna Kim

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eL_kz said...


marcel said...

boys before flowers rocks! i've been watching on mysoju but you'll find me glued to the telly anyway :D

hanh hotstuff. said...

mnus the sum of the parts dat doesnt make sense
but plus all the all eyecandy
dis show is cool!
+ Lee Min Ho (?)
highly recomnded!!

Anonymous said...

Watch it tonite ppl! Dun miss!

Sandraaa said...

omg! thanks for the noticeeee! so happy now hehehe

Orchid said...

I just watched the 1st episode and i find it pretty good.

I like Geum Jan-di (Goo Hye-sun). She's so funny and natural. And her facial expressions are cute.

How come the elite F4 don't have to wear their school uniform?

And Joon Pyo arrives at school by helicopter? hahaha...Talk about rich and spoilt!

wawa said...

i watched it on mysoju/vikii til episode 3 before i surrender ince my lappie can't work with vikii's captions sometimes... and i prefer to watch it on the big screen...

i love how it started differently from Meteor Garden & HYD!!! and the F4 or Four Flies (LOL) are so damneeee good looking especially Kim Bum :P

basically F4 is the ruler of the school especially the leader... from HYD manga, they also didn't need to wear the school's uniform!

Irenelim said...

Awesome... glad it's coming to the KBS network! :)

vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Is that on Measat-Astro or are you getting it from one of the Koreasats? I doubt broadcast TV would bring that to Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Watched the first episode last night - and REALLY adored it!!

Jandi and Koo Jun-pyo looked just like out of the comic book characters.

I liked the fact that the show revealed very realistic aspects of Korean mass media, candle-lit demonstration,Net culture, etc.

The so-called three "hottest" girls at Sinwha High were sooo annoying when they were constantly going like "Oh-My-God.":-)))^^

Shinwha group could have modelled after the Korean conglomerate, "Samsung"??
Just my conjecture!

The CEO of Shinwha (Jun-Pyo's mom) is played by Lee Hye-Young, who also appeared in my fave Korean drama, "I'm Sorry, I love You."

She's a critically acclaimed stage actress.
I think she's very charismatic.

Lee Minho who plays Ku Jun-pyo is soooo scorching hot, hot, hoooot!

I have this feeling after this drama gets shown around Asia, especially in Japan from April 20, he will be explosively popular, maybe as popular as Yon Sama.

|| Lyññ || said...

^^Yea! I haven't seen Lee Hye Young for a while and I like the way she talks...haha... I was hooked onto I'm Sorry I love you too!! IT was so nice!!

Kim Hyun Joong looked like a 'goddess' in his white suit! minus the oh so blond/bleached hair... =)

Nice and entertaining show! Can't wait to watch the 2nd episode later!!! \^o^/

Anonymous said...

i have been following this drama since the casting was announced and now totally obsessed with it!! its highly recommended. keep on watching people~~~~ it will get waaay better ep 3 onwards ~~~~ LEE MINHO IS A FREAKING GOOD ACTORRRRRRRRRR!! XDD

Empress said...

Managed to catch part of the second episode and it looks good.

I've checked Astro's online guide and it doesn't list a re-run for Boys Over Flower on Sundays. According to the TV Guide, the timeslot you've specified on Sunday is showing Four Colors of Love. Check it out here.

Anonymous said...


It's weird......'cuz according to the mag version of Feb Astro Guide (where RAIN is on cover),
the two first episodes will rerun between 12:10~14:30 this Sunday.

In case it's not shown this Sunday, I guess they might be shown next Sunday.

Every Sunday during that timeslot, they used to rerun Mon/Tues 9 pm dramas...

If this Sunday, they don't rerun the first/second episode of BOF, wanna recommend you to check them out from youtube or


Youtube BOF
(Copy & Paste the following links)

[en] Boys Before Flowers - EP 1 [1/7]

[en] Boys Before Flowers - EP 1 [2/7]


In order to view in "Full Screen", click the "little square box" icon next to the "Speaker/Volume" icon at the right bottom of the youtube screen.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I nearly misread it and thought that BBF cast is coming to MY. LOL!!

Thanks for the info though!!


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